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Museums and Cultural Institutions in Madrid

three local experts

From art to history to science, here's what three local experts had to say about museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions in Madrid.

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Madrid is so beautiful, be it day or night. Everything’s open at any time of the day, and you will never be bored. But if you are interested in culture, we also have a lot of museums you can visit and different things that you can try! Another good reason to come here is that everyone is very friendly and open, you won’t have any problem in asking someone if you need any kind of help.

Brittney, says: 2020

It’s a very touristy place and there are lots of different people living here. It’s a very beautiful city and it’s easy to go out; there’s always something open! You can go out in the morning, afternoon, evening, night… it’s always fun! But we also have a lot of interesting museums and cultural things to do, and the most important thing: we are very open in this country, specifically in the big cities.

Madrid is the capital of Spain. Here you can find different important museums like the “Museo del Prado” or “Museo de Reina Sofía” Also, Madrid is known for its monuments like “Cibeles” or “colon”. Madrid is a great city with a lot of different things to do.

Gareth, says: 2020
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