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Living in Madrid, Spain:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

15 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Madrid, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 15 people living in Madrid what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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15 comments on “Madrid”

Madrid is a wonderful city but it can be difficult to navigate without the ability to speak Spanish. Very few people in Madrid speak a second language fluently and this can make communication incredibly difficult. Therefore, to live in the city, it is essential to have a basic grasp of Spanish.

Madrid is so beautiful, be it day or night. Everything’s open at any time of the day, and you will never be bored. But if you are interested in culture, we also have a lot of museums you can visit and different things that you can try! Another good reason to come here is that everyone is very friendly and open, you won’t have any problem in asking someone if you need any kind of help.

Brittney, says: 2020

Madrid is a sprawling metropolitan city located in the middle of the Iberian Peninsula. Before moving to Madrid, it would be helpful to know some Spanish, as many people do not speak English. The winters are mild, but the summers, especially the months of July and August, are often scorching hot. The center of Madrid, due to its colorful and lively nightlife, could be thrilling for young people, but possibly overwhelming for older people, who perhaps desire more peace and stability.

It’s a very touristy place and there are lots of different people living here. It’s a very beautiful city and it’s easy to go out; there’s always something open! You can go out in the morning, afternoon, evening, night… it’s always fun! But we also have a lot of interesting museums and cultural things to do, and the most important thing: we are very open in this country, specifically in the big cities.

The city where I currently reside, Madrid, has a few key reasons that attract people to live here. Firstly, the affordable cost of living in most areas apart from the tourist centre. Secondly, it is vibrant and culturally interesting, a city in which you are never lack choice for activities to do or events to attend. And lastly, the people are outgoing and warm, you can spark up a conversation in almost any public setting, something that is not common in other major metropolises of comparable size around the world.

Alistair, says: 2020

Madrid is a wonderful, bustling city – alive; singing with it, even brimming with it on every street and on every corner. Whether seen in the day or at night, Madrid is street after street of nooks and crannies begging to be explored.

In the morning, see the solitary figures, even in winter, on terraces taking their cafe-con-leches and their tostadas or their churritos with chocolate, watching the world go by, huddled up in their colourful scarves and smiling, as the wind pinches their rosy cheeks.

At night, music, laughter, singing and deafeningly loud and animated conversation spills out of every open doorway. But know one thing: the Spanish don’t mince their words; directness is key here, so you might want to leave the over-polite niceties at home.

Madrid. Come for the weekend, and it might just steal your heart.

Shaheer, says: 2020

Madrid is a clear example of everything that’s good about european cities. It has an wide range of experiences and ambiences available for all kinds of taste and its superb public transport services allow you to travel comfortably and quickly. As any city that would like to call itself “the heart of Spain” gastronomy is a key element, and the city is filled with affordable bars, restaurants and pubs offering traditional and avant-garde cuisine.

Tatiana, says: 2020

Madrid is a lively city where you can find many bars and restaurants. If you are an active person the many there are many parks to go for walks and running. One of the most known is the Retiro park. You can stroll through the city and shop from all the various shops that carter for your every need.

If you plan on moving to Madrid, you should know some things before: The intense heat of the city is not what you’d expect. The weather is similar to that of Cuba or other vacation spots where you almost feel like you’re suffocating. The next thing is the beauty of the historic buildings. The last thing is my interaction with the people of Madrid; my experience with people has been nothing less than great, especially since I am not a native speaker.

Madrid is the capital of Spain. Here you can find different important museums like the “Museo del Prado” or “Museo de Reina Sofía” Also, Madrid is known for its monuments like “Cibeles” or “colon”. Madrid is a great city with a lot of different things to do.

Gareth, says: 2020

Madrid is a wonderful and vibrant city. There are plenty of bars and cafés to enjoy a drink, or you could go to one of the many relaxing green spaces to sunbathe. There is also a lot of history, dating back a millenium. However, it can get really hot in summer, so be prepared!

People should consider that Madrid has acoustic contamination, there is a lot of traffic. However, there are a lot of parks in which people have a picnic with their friends. Applying for a job in Madrid is not always easy. Students, for example, can apply to work as a bartender, or as a cashier.

Dhijana, says: 2020

Madrid is teeming with art, history, and vibrancy. The pace of life is one characterized by ease. The city’s architecture encourages its residents to spend time outdoors. Terraces, balconies, and open-air markets abound. Those interested in moving to this city should keep in mind that the rhythm of life is slower. In time, those who uproot to this city may grow to prefer the less-frazzled, more intentional day-to-day routine.

Lucía, says: 2020

Madrid is a sprawling city rich in history, stunning architecture, fun tapas bars, friendly people and wowing sights. The two main plazas in the center of Madrid offer perfect venues to people watch, soak in the sun and the vibrancy of the culture and La Vida Loca. Enjoying life is a must in Madrid.

I think they would need to have a reasonable knowledge of Spanish since English is not widely used in this part of spain. they would need to be prepared to live in hot and dry sub-desert conditions without the aid of an air conditioning system. If you are an ardent soccer fan, Madrid is the city for you.

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