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Virginia Beach
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Is there a military presence in or near Virginia Beach, Virginia?

four local experts

What kind of military presence does Virginia Beach have? Here's what four local experts had to say about soldiers and defense in and around Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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Consider whether or not they can deal with the humidity and traffic. In Virginia Beach, there are a lot of areas that are very military-centered. In which, you know that there are a lot of respectable neighbors. There are a lot of outdoor activities that one can do individually or with family and friends.

Virginia Beach is a fine example of a town that has managed to maintain a warmth and friendliness not always found in resort areas of its size. From the aquarium to the beaches, the fine dining and casual meeting places, Virginia Beach has a welcoming community like none other. The strong military presence here also lends a feeling of protection and patriotism to visitors and residents alike.

Virginia Beach is the ideal case study for anyone interested in the social effects of a large military presence in close proximity to a tourist destination. It is a blending of two social world mirrored by a blending of two radically different physical environments. Namely, the natural attraction of beautiful and expansive beaches is somewhat unevenly matched by reclaimed swampland. Nevertheless, Virginia Beach makes a great home for people from all walks of life.

The drivers here are crazy. There is such a wide variety of people here, due to the area being so densely populated by many branches of the military. This brings so many driving styles all to one location which is just cause for disaster. Summers are also pretty busy because this is a very big tourist area. People come from all over to go to the beaches, so expect delays on the roads. The Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel can also cause a lot of issues. If you plan to live here, make sure to work South of the tunnel–commute times are ridiculous otherwise. Also, if you don’t like bugs, you might not want to live here. There are some insane bugs. Summers are very humid, and temperatures are often up in the 100s; so be prepared if you’re not too comfortable with heat.

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