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The History of Bulawayo

ten local experts

From dinosaurs to explorers to wars, here's what ten local experts had to say about the history of Bulawayo.

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Welcome to the city of kings and queens. Please keep to the left and find yourself a church or a bar, you’ll need it. Also zupco is not the name of a washing powder brand, it’s the name given to many hours spent commuting from one place to the next.

Tapiwa, says: 2022

Bulawayo is also known as the city of kings and queens. It was once well known for its industrial factories that have since been shutdown due to some economic challenges in the country. It is the second largest city in Zimbabwe and is largely populated by people from the Ndebele tribe.

Brenda, says: 2020

My city is known for having the best historical museum in the country which is located right in the middle of the Central Business District(CBD). It also boasts of having a large city hall where people can meet with the Mayor and have serious conversations about what needs to be done to improve the livelihood of everyone staying in the city.

Nicole, says: 2020

Someone moving to Bulawayo should know our city is very popular for its history and background. It is also called the City of Kings. Bulawayo is also the second-largest city in Zimbabwe. Bulawayo’s first newspaper was the Chronicle which was launched as a twice-weekly newspaper in October of 1894.

Blessings, says: 2020

Bulawayo is the City of Kings and Queens. It was the first place, where the settlers from British South Africa Company chose. The colonial settlers met King Lobengula and his kingdom. An treaty was then signed between the two parties which saw the growth of Bulawayo, from a small kingdom to a regional city which connected the entire southern region of Africa.

Yananayi, says: 2020

Bulawayo popularly known as the City of Kings, is the second Capital city of Zimbabwe and second largest city in the country. Bulawayo has affordable rentals and is near many tourist resorts. Its CBD is easy to navigate, the major focal point of the town is the NRZ building which is the tallest building in Bulawayo.

Bulawayo is the city of Kings and queens. It is so warm and it is the home of great tourist resorts like Matobo Hills, Hillside Dam, Kami Ruins, and the National Museum. Bulawayo is full of kind and warm people who treat strangers well. The prices of different commodities is quite affordable in this city.

Bulawayo is the second capital city in Zimbabwe the city is also the second-largest city after Harare. The city is well known for its calm and peaceful atmosphere which is quite conducive for foreign travelers. It is surrounded by a few tourist attractions such a Matobo Hills and Khami Ruins.

Nyasha, says: 2020

It is the second Capital city in Zimbabwe therefor making it the second largest city in the country. It has a population estimated to be around 700 000. The city is surrounded by a few tourist attractions such as the famous Matobo Hills, Khami Ruins and Hillside Dams. Overly the city has a calm atmosphere that is safe for tourists.

Bulawayo is the second largest city in the south west of the Zimbabwe. The city consists of cultural monuments that include the Natural history museum. Bulawayo is the main gateway to Matobo national park which is the most popular resort area. The popular dwellers of the city are the Ndebele people under Mzilikazi Clan.

Bianca, says: 2020
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