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Beaches in and near St. Petersburg, Florida: What do you need to know?

ten local experts

From bikinis to beachballs to boardwalks, here's what ten local experts had to say about beaches in and near St. Petersburg, Florida.

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St Petersburg has a diverse and welcoming atmosphere. The food is unique and offers variety for any cuisine you would like to try. There are dog parks and dog-friendly bars. I enjoy the convenience of the city to the beach and the tropical weather. Hurricanes are the only negative aspect of Florida.

Anyone moving to Saint Petersburg, Florida, should know the weather is a wonderful perk of the city, but certainly not the only perk of living here! Saint Petersburg has some of the most beautiful beaches in the US. It is home to the Salvador Dalí Museum, the Tampa Bay Rays, and lots of homegrown breweries. Saint Petersburg and the Tampa Bay Area are hotspots in Florida; they both have booming industries and are growing rapidly.

St. Petersburg is a beautiful community with white sand beaches, a bustling downtown, and excellent restaurants. There are several large museums and parks with miles of hiking trails. There are also historic districts with distinctive homes and lush gardens. It is a wonderful city and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new home.

Marshall, says: 2020

It is on the Gulf of Mexico. We are surrounded by beaches. Many tourists visit our waterways to enjoy the sunshine, sand, and lovely downtown district. We have a newly renovated pier that is now the talk of the town for tourists and locals. I highly recommend this area.

Sabrina, says: 2020

The city may be beautiful, but be prepared for hot weather year around, rain, humidity, and sometimes hurricanes. The beaches are the best part, though, and that is why many people move to the area. However, be prepared to deal with all types of weather on a daily basis.

Ashley, says: 2020

St. Petersburg is a vibrant city with a walkable downtown and an abundance of art, both indoors (in museums and galleries) and outdoors (as wall murals). It is a hub for craft breweries, casual restaurants, and food trucks. It’s outdoor Saturday Morning Market is the largest in the state, and it’s also a short drive to miles of well-maintained beaches.

Tenezia, says: 2020

St. Petersburg is highly loved by the locals. It is home to many beautiful beaches. Additionally, St. Petersburg is home to many unique restaurants and boutiques. Around the city you will find unique concert venues and museums. St. Petersburg is a very cultured city, and you will find many murals created by local artists on any street you visit.

If someone moves to St. Petersburg, then it is important to understand its layout, and which characteristics are most important to them. For instance, St. Petersburg includes a booming downtown district that allows for a more urban lifestyle, but also the Gulf beaches for those who are more interested in a laid back lifestyle. The great thing is that wherever one decides to live, they are never more than a 20-25 minute drive from each other, and only between 15-45 minutes from the greater city of Tampa on the other side of Tampa Bay. St. Petersburg has grown tremendously in the past decade, and most would agree for the better. It offers a lot of diversity, and is a great place to raise a family as well.

Sydney, says: 2020

Saint Petersburg, Florida, is by the beach, commonly warm and humid all year with mild, short lived winters and is mostly Republican/right wing. It has a wonderful downtown with a lot to offer. The city streets are phrased with north, south, east and west at the end of the city streets, as is Washington DC USA which serves as the nation’s capital.

Nichole, says: 2020

The cost of living in St. Petersburg, Florida, has risen quite dramatically over the past decade. Secondly, the job market in many ways is limited, with a focus on tourism and the insurance industry. However, on a positive note, the last factor I will mention here is the incredible beauty of the city, its numerous parks and nearby beaches.

Roynetta, says: 2020
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