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Beaches in and near Mariveles, Bataan: What do you need to know?

three local experts

From bikinis to beachballs to boardwalks, here's what three local experts had to say about beaches in and near Mariveles, Bataan.

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Mariveles is a booming place for manufacturing and exportation industry. It is one of the richest municipality in the province of Bataan due to the income it generates. The Freeport Area of Bataan (FAB) is in Mariveles. Many factories operate in Mariveles Zone, such as factories of garment, bags, and the popular tennis ball Dunlop. Products manufactured in Mariveles are exported to other countries. Aside from factories, Mariveles is also surrounded with beaches. One can see the beautiful seaside scenery once in Mariveles.

People visiting Mariveles, Bataan should never miss the opportunity of seeing Five Fingers (appropriately named for its resemblance to stretched-out hand when seen from a helicopter!). Cove-to-cove boat services are available for insanely cheap price. For the more adventurous folks, cliff-diving is an awesome activity that would give them lasting memories. Beautiful beaches with white sand await you. Be one with nature; come to Mariveles, Bataan’s very own Five Fingers.

Richard, says: 2020

The place I live in is a very peaceful place and many beaches around. And have numerous fish caught daily. There are so many historical places and tourist attractions also. You can ride a bike or a motorcycle to tour the city around and see the beautiful nature and beauty of the place.

Dorothy, says: 2020
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