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What's weather like in Sheffield, England?

three local experts

Does Sheffield get rain? Snow? Hail? What's summer weather like? Here's what three local experts had to say about weather and precipitation in Sheffield, England.

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It’s very cold but beautiful if you live on the fringes near the Peak District.

Sheffield reeks with age, is average and bland. Tall green trees are scattered around the city and is constantly drenched in rain. Stores are evolving yet people are blinded to ambition. People are hungry with greed for more but are uncertain with what they exactly desire. Despite happiness running away with the sun, the nights remain comforting.

Vanessa, says: 2020

Anyone moving to my city should know it is a very hilly city as it is built on the Pennines. Also our city is well known for the production of Sheffield steel, to be of the finest quality for making cutlery. The city can be very cold in winter due to its location.

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