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What's weather like in Bogotá, Cundinamarca?

four local experts

Does Bogotá get rain? Snow? Hail? What's summer weather like? Here's what four local experts had to say about weather and precipitation in Bogotá, Cundinamarca.

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My family and I live in Bogota, Colombia. We reside in a quiet apartment complex and have some pets. I work 9 hours per day and have two days off per week. I also attend college at night. My day starts at 6:20, and I usually get home around 23:30 from Monday to Friday. Often, the weather is really cool, allowing people to use different methods of transportation. Public transport can be challenging at times. Additionally, there is a lot of commerce everywhere, including restaurants, groceries, supermarkets, malls (both small and large), public parks, entertainment options like rollercoasters, cinemas, museums, downtown areas, parking lots, comedy shows, theaters, music festivals, parties, and great people.

Francis, says: 2023

Safety is an issue, therefore, they should always be careful with their personal items. In addition, the weather changes all the time throughout the day, people should always have a jacket and an umbrella in case it rains, but also light clothes and sunglasses in case it’s sunny. Finally, there are many beautiful parks and libraries, so they should make sure to visit them.

Katrina, says: 2020

Bogotá is a big city, a little dirty and is difficult to understand but it has beautiful places. You must know that the weather is too cold so bring your winter clothes. You can visit historical places and museums. Bogotá has too many people who are to friendly but be careful cause some people just want hurt you.

Someone moving to Bogotá should know the air pollution, the changing weather, the lack of public transport options, peak hours, if they own a car which day are they allowed to use the vehicle and in which time frames, and lastly their belongings as there’s a possibility they might get mobbed.

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