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What are transportation options and challenges in Bogotá, Cundinamarca?

eight local experts

Are there taxis in Bogotá? What about scooters? What are the public transportation options? Here's what eight local experts had to say about transportation methods in Bogotá, Cundinamarca.

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My family and I live in Bogota, Colombia. We reside in a quiet apartment complex and have some pets. I work 9 hours per day and have two days off per week. I also attend college at night. My day starts at 6:20, and I usually get home around 23:30 from Monday to Friday. Often, the weather is really cool, allowing people to use different methods of transportation. Public transport can be challenging at times. Additionally, there is a lot of commerce everywhere, including restaurants, groceries, supermarkets, malls (both small and large), public parks, entertainment options like rollercoasters, cinemas, museums, downtown areas, parking lots, comedy shows, theaters, music festivals, parties, and great people.

Francis, says: 2023

Bogotá is a big and crowded city, with a huge problem of public transportation. Then, for the newcomers to be at ease in here, they should have a vehicle, at least a motorcycle, or even a bicycle since it is a very flat land. Thus, it is easy to go from one place to another in a bicycle.

Carolina, says: 2020

Bogota is a big, chaotic city. The population of Bogota is about 8,000,000 people. There are constant traffic jams at every hour of the day. Bogota is a lively city with many jobs and also with many recreational activities. Nightlife is great, there are numerous restaurants, bars, nightclubs where you can meet people and make new friends. You will enjoy Bogota if you are used to big cities and an always bustling, fast-paced city lifestyle.

Sofía, says: 2020

Bogota has a lot of traffic but that it compensates with all that there is to do here, like going to the theater, hiking, parks, museums, and a lot more. This city has its own charm and the people here is an amazing. And the surroundings are beautiful and full of history.

Bogotá offers great opportunities, both to study and to work, it is a captivating city with beautiful tourist sites that are worth knowing. However, living in Bogota is very expensive and it is also a city that, due to the amount of people living there, has a lot of traffic and, sometimes, it becomes difficult to transport easily through the city.

Felipe, says: 2020

Someone moving to Bogotá should know the air pollution, the changing weather, the lack of public transport options, peak hours, if they own a car which day are they allowed to use the vehicle and in which time frames, and lastly their belongings as there’s a possibility they might get mobbed.

Before moving to Bogota you should know that it ranked among the cities with the worst traffic so you must be prepared to endure long hours commuting and be aware that this causes a very hostile and tense environment between divers, especially with taxi and bus drivers who are not very kind nor patient and often can be very reckless.

Felipe, says: 2020

Bogota does not have a subway system, there are only buses, and the only train there is fueled by carbon. Bogota has huge traffic jams. The party in Bogota is amazing and not very expensive. Bogota is undergoing a huge revolution in culinary terms, restaurants are opening each week and succeeding.

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