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What are the shopping options like in Sterling, Virginia?

three local experts

From buying a car to purchasing groceries to following the latest fashion trends, here's what three local experts had to say about shopping in Sterling, Virginia.

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Sterling, Virginia, is a peaceful town in the northern part of the state. The town has diverse community full of people that treat each other like family. Mother Nature’s true beauty can be seen through the town. Foxes are often seen.There is a large park where you can see over 30 deer roaming and grazing. The area is peaceful and full of greenery. The town has a large community college, over twelve grocery shops, two Asian supermarkets, two Indian restaurants, and much more.

Sterling is in Loudoun County. Loudoun County is near Washington, DC. It is an up and coming neighborhood. The housing prices are high, and it takes about an hour to drive to DC. There are plans in the works, however, to build additional railroad stations nearby to alleviate traffic in the morning.

Lauren, says: 2020

A few minutes away from these shops are places of worship for every religion. The town also has a mall and many fun-filled places to visit. The city is a balance of beauty between the concrete jungle and a secluded village. Everything you need or will need is at our fingertips. Many different cultures share the town and there have been no problems. We treat everyone around as friends and family.

Gabriela, says: 2020
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