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What are the shopping options like in London, England?

45 local experts

From buying a car to purchasing groceries to following the latest fashion trends, here's what 45 local experts had to say about shopping in London, England.

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London is a very big city with masses of tourist attractions. Try and avoid peak tourist season in July and August and go later in September or early spring before Easter. If you are planning on visiting a lot of attractions, try the London Pass which gets you into many places for the price of two places. Use the underground transport and get a tourist Oyster card to travel around, or just walk or bike, especially along the Southbank when the weather is nice. London is small so very walkable.

London is a remarkable city full of character and spunk. West london in particular is a sight for sore eyes. From the touristic sites of the Big Ben, to the glitzy glamour of Knightsbridge, you will be spoilt for choice in terms of activities to choose from. Most recently, East London has seen a massive injection of capital, thus, the nightlife scene has really exploded. Make sure to check out Brick lane market whilst you’re there for an array of unique trinkets and mouthwatering food from across the globe. However, as I am sure you’ve heard, be prepared for grey skies and the odd glance if you dare to spark up a conversation with a stranger.

Victoria, says: 2020

If you move to London, you should know how to navigate the tube system. Specifically, you should purchase an Oyster card to save money on tube tickets. Most importantly, you should be comfortable with the busy and lively atmosphere of the city. There is always something new to do and see.

London is, without doubt, one of the greatest cities in the world! Despite having occasionally questionable weather, unreliable transport and housing and living prices that have skyrocketed in recent years, the city’s atmosphere is second to none. Culture abounds, with museums, galleries and national landmarks on each corner. Each borough is its own completely unique melting pot, comprised of people from all around the globe. Their cultures and languages merge to create the most beautiful, intricate tapestry of diversity. Everyone is welcome – London is a city for all.

Sabina, says: 2020

London is a fantastic city. As a global centre of historical significance, architectural beauty and thriving cultures, the number of choices for recreation and exploration is large and ever-expanding. However, be prepared to stomach the large (and rising) costs of living in the capital. Though offering quicker and easier access to the city’s delights, living in the centre can be an expensive and spatially-limiting choice. On the other hand, leaving Zone one will fetch you lower house and rent prices, but will limit your travel options increasingly the further you tread.

London is a beautiful, interesting city with a variety of sights, shops and restaurants with delicious food. The prices, however, sometimes are outrageous, especially for property and some rare international goods. One should be careful walking alone in some poorer areas, where theft and knife crime are not uncommon.

Jasmine, says: 2020

London is a multicultural and diverse city which welcomes citizen from all around the world and makes them feel like home. There is plenty of places to visit like museums, universities, big buildings, banks, restaurants of all kinds, shopping mall, big parks and outdoor activities. I would highly recommend visiting London as the busiest and very beautiful city.

Tracie, says: 2020

In order to reside comfortably in London, one must simply be determined to innovate and take initiative on side hustles. This is highly regarded as a lifestyle for people who have the capability of a prosperous lifestyle, due to their multiple cash unfollow strategies. the purchase of a house in London is a form of long-term residence, mostly as a result of their extreme prices, therefore savings must be prioritised.

Georgia, says: 2020

In London, one must be aware of the hustle and bustle that is peak times. Tubes that enable us to travel into the city are packed to the brim at certain times. You need to watch your possessions! Inner London can’t be driven into without having to pay something called congestion charge so, my best advice would be to invest in an Oyster card it will help you get onto public transport and if you’re a student you get discount!

If you would like to come to London, you just first consider the weather. It is awfully cold in London, especially during winter period when it is unbearable. You must also consider the price. Everything in London is ridiculously overpriced, whereas, things outside of London is reasonably pleines. London is a beautiful place, and if you can afford it, you should do it!

Stephanie, says: 2020

London is one of the most vibrant cities in Europe, it is culturally diverse, forward thinking and open minded. Artists, musicians and businessmen alike come together in a melting pot of eccentricity. There are coffee shops on every corner, record stores across the town and a feeling of community whether you’re in Kensington or Camden Town!

Marianne, says: 2020

When moving to the city of London, house prices and location would have to be considered. There are major differences in areas within the city, some of which are known to be loud and unsafe, compared to others that have become known for their safety and desirable houses.

Natasha, says: 2020

If someone was considering relocating to Central London, I would advise them to be aware that house and rent prices within the M25 motorway can be relatively expensive. London is an expensive place, even when compared to other cosmopolitan cities. Despite the cost of living here, London has excellent transport and a vivid nightlife.

London is a great city, with some famous historical landmarks. The transport system is first class and there is a great choice of bars, restaurants and theatres. However, property prices are expensive so many people are forced to rent, so this an important factor to consider before making a decision to move to London.

Angela, says: 2020

When moving to London, one must first consider affordability. Living costs in London are among the highest in the world (mainly due to the ridiculously high house prices and relatively high food costs). However, I must say, I think the experience of living in such a wonderful city is still worth much more than these costs!

Unfortunately, rental prices are extraordinary high in London, and only increasing annually. Nonetheless, the wide range of cultural activities, historical landmarks and entertainment venues are unmatched elsewhere in the country. long as you are aware of the somewhat bizarre lifestyle you are likely to be subjected to, you are sure to enjoy London: one of the most exhilarating cities in Europe.

London is an expensive place in which. It is however an exciting place with lots of cultural experiences on offer and excellent transport links within the city. I particularly recommend a trip to north London to watch arsenal play their finest brand of football or a night out in Shoreditch.

London is a beautiful and multicultural city. It’s streets are overflowing with culture and history. It is a perfect place for holidays and short trips and would offer no shortage of entertainment and education for longer trips or gap years. I recommend you visit the charming Buckingham Palace, take a stroll through Hyde Park and do some essential shopping along Oxford Street.

London is more “introverted” than other more rural areas of the U.K. It is uncommon to greet strangers on the street and the majority of shop attendants will not even bat an eyelid when you enter a store (a brief “How are you doing?” is a very rare occurrence). Thus, I’d recommend moving to London only if you are willing to overlook the average Londoners’ initial awkwardness. Once that barrier has been crossed, and you have recovered from the initial culture shock, you will have an incredible time living among modern shops, stunning monuments and countless museums and buildings standing as a testament to both the past and future of the U. K. as a whole.

London is very beautiful city with a diverse culture from which you can learn a lot. Once you live in London and experience its beautiful buildings, atmosphere and culture, it will become part of your life. London is known for ancient buildings, Westminster palace, Big Ben, London Eye, Trafalgar Square, Science and Natural History Museum, Tate Modern which can be accessed for free also big shopping malls, exhibitions and variety of street food and luxury restaurants. However, there is also to be considered the high rent prices in London especially when living in Zone 1/2.

Gabrielle, says: 2020

London is a collision of rich history and cutting edge modernity. At its centre, gaslit streets meet thriving financial districts, while old terraces are interrupted by brand new high rise flats as you venture out toward its sprawling suburbs.

Each part of London has its own character. It is not so much a single city as multiple towns a cities thrown together by history and circumstance. This is what makes London so great, and why the old adage ‘If you are tired of London, you are tired of life’ is so apt.

Insofar as they wish to use public transportation, namely the Tube network, they should purchase an Oyster card. These may be purchased at many local newsagents, shops, or from many of the Tube stations themselves. Alternatively, one may simply utilise one’s contactless credit or debit card, or one’s mobile phone if they have credit cards stored digitally (e.g., Apple Pay).

London is a very beautiful city and one of the most visited in the world. There are places to visit such as monuments, parks and shops. Although, throughout most of the year, the weather is very disagreeable. This is due to that rain is constantly pouring down on the streets.

London is a very big city. You can find everything you want here, from huge parks to different museums. Many streets full of shops and restaurants are in the center of the town. People from here are very friendly and most of the time happy. In order to find a job it’s not difficult at all!

London is a vibrant, diverse city with a place for everyone. Its wide variety of cultures means that, beyond its wealth of tourist attractions, there are a range of fascinating neighbourhoods to visit, with authentic international cuisine, fashion shops of every kind, and music venues to please any music-lover. make use of all the opportunities and experiences on offer in this wonderful city!

London is a multicultural, international hub for finance, communications, fashion and tourism. The population of Greater London is around eight million and it is estimated that over 300 languages are spoken here. There is a wide range of accommodation, but overall it tends to be on the expensive side. Professional workers are welcomed by the authorities.

London is a city that never sleeps; whether it is a lazy Sunday afternoon, a busy Monday morning or an ordinary Thursday night, there is no doubt you will find the streets of London bustling with people, energy and noise. Granted, London is one of the world’s most expensive cities, but the experience on London makes the price worth paying. Nothing makes you feel more alive than walking through the streets of London, bursting with colours from markets, the smells wafting from food stalls or the chatter of the endless people.

Caitlin, says: 2020

London has seemingly endless attractions, great restaurants and pubs, and abundant shopping. The hustle and bustle of the city is contagious. Also, public transportation is great. The prices are fairly reasonable for buses and the tube. Just remember that there is NO cash on buses!

Dhiren, says: 2020

When moving to London, be aware of the reliance on public transport. The vast majority of people use the tube or the extensive bus network to get around the capital, for reasonable prices. They should also be aware of the untold social norms found on the transport network, however this should not cause concern with a variety of websites being dedicated to this topic and the ease to which they can be picked up from simply living in the city.

When moving to London, an individual should consider the high housing prices and the busy lifestyle that accompanies living in such a vibrant and fast moving city. They should also inform themselves of the famous landmarks and tourist attractions that London has to offer, as these are a must for anyone visiting or moves to London for the first time.

London is the largest city in England and its multicultural population makes for amazing food and shopping opportunities. I love the atmosphere: the city is always buzzing and there is a new type of street food to try on every corner. The vintage markets in Camden are second to none.

London is a historical and cosmopolitan city. There is much to see throughout London, from museums and art galleries to the famous West End productions which will culturally enhance your life. However, there are a few downfalls to living in London. It is not always the glamorous life that you signed up for; the price of living in London is high, so if you are a person who enjoys going out regularly, you will have to accept that your bill would be larger than in other cities in England.

Josephine, says: 2020

London is a vibrant city, offering plethora of services to those whom reside there. The parks and green spaces are an oasis within metropolitan concrete blocks and fast food shops. Demand for housing is high, with the squeeze on space meaning apartment blocks soar into the skyline, offering vistas of the city.

London is a bustling city full of soul. There is something for everyone here, be it food, art, culture, shopping, or even nature. The opportunities are endless, and with such a diverse population, you will always be able to meet like-minded souls. Although the cost is living is comparably higher to the rest of England, there is never a dull moment here.

Alexander, says: 2020

It is important to be aware that London is an incredibly busy city in places, and that the pace of life can be very fast, something that suits some people but not others. There is, however, a vast amount of diversity across the city, both in terms of the people you will meet but also the shops, activities and foods that are present. If you are looking for somewhere to live that has everything you could imagine and then more on top, I would highly recommend trying London.

Emilia, says: 2020

if you are looking for something cheap the price of the house is affordable. And the quality of life is good, there is everything you need. you will also find there where you could do your favorite activities, sport, art…

Arianna, says: 2020

Housing here is expensive and the houses are small for the price you pay. However, it is a great city as it has historical monuments such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, Houses of Parliament and Tower Bridge. You will meet people from all over the world not just people who were born in the UK and will get to eat food from various cultures you haven’t tried before.

Samantha, says: 2020

It’s a pretty busy city with a great deal of opportunities, however, the cost of living in London is exorbitant. You will need to earn well to support yourself comfortably. Despite this, London is an exciting and vibrant city with unlimited places to socialise. We have some of the best restaurants and bars alongside places of culture to enjoy. Art galleries, museums and we mustn’t forget the multitude of shops to tempt anyone choosing to live in such a metropolitan city.

Wajeeh, says: 2020

Vehicle regulations in London mean that owning a car can be very expensive, so using the extensive public transport system is a good idea. London has a wide range of restaurants offering cuisine from all over the world. Heathrow, the UK’s major international airport, is one hour away from central London. Property prices in London tend to be quite high.

London has so much to offer city dwellers. From world-class restaurants and museums to a wide range of jobs for those in tech, media, finance, hospitality, and beyond, there’s a lot to love about England’s capital. This city consists of approximately 10 million people, nearly five times the size of the second most populated UK city, Birmingham. The centre of London is usually full of tourists visiting the numerous attractions in London such as; The Big Ben, The British Museum, London Eye and Buckingham Palace. Everything from groceries to entertainment to morning americanos are pricey in London but you can make it work if you know how to budget.

Joanne, says: 2020

London is full of people from all over the world. The streets are busy and the shops thriving. Central London has a charge for cars entering and leaving a specific zone. Covent Garden is a particularly lovely part of town, found in the West End, and is home to ‘Theatreland’.

If you’re moving to London, I suggest you rent with some friends, as prices are extremely high. You should also know that if you’re going to live in London, public transport is how you’re going to get around from one place to another, whether that be by bus, tube or train.

Loretta, says: 2020

London is a great city where one can find all sorts of entertainment. It is also very easy to find a job here and there are many opportunities to make a career. However, beware the cost of life and the jungle that is the housing market. Living with up to six people is very common, but not everybody is open to it.

Jessica, says: 2020

London is a very hectic city and life here can be stressful. Rent and transportation services are particularly expensive. Streets and shops are busy at all times. The weather is horrible: it’s cloudy and cold most of the time and it rains nearly daily. That being said, it’s a dazzling city with many opportunities for creatives, entrepreneurs, and business professionals.

Samuel, says: 2020

When moving to London, one should familiarise oneself with the true price of living in London. The streets are not paved with gold. It is a city with some of the longest work hours, most expensive travel fares and least affordable housing in the world. A move to London requires considerable planning and finances.

Eloise, says: 2020
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