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Wealth and Income Inequality in London, England

nine local experts

Here's what nine local experts had to say about wealth and income inequality in London, England.

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London is a historical city dating back to Roman times. It has a wealth of historic buildings, museums, art galleries, and theatres. After the great fire, Christopher Wren suggested rebuilding on a grid system but it was too complicated due to existing freehold tenure so the original names of the streets were kept.

Someone moving to London should know the high cost of public transport and residential accommodation, although decentralized living is more affordable. Commuting times are a part of London living as the majority of middle income earners have to live in zones four – six or even further, but fortunately transport links are good.

Ambali, says: 2020

London is a very expensive city. As such, it is essential to secure a job or a proper means of income before moving to the city. Otherwise, London is an exciting city. With its numerous art galleries, museums, parks and diverse scene, it is almost impossible to get bored there.

London is a vibrant, diverse city with a place for everyone. Its wide variety of cultures means that, beyond its wealth of tourist attractions, there are a range of fascinating neighbourhoods to visit, with authentic international cuisine, fashion shops of every kind, and music venues to please any music-lover. make use of all the opportunities and experiences on offer in this wonderful city!

Famed for its extensive history and beautiful landmarks, it is no wonder that London is a popular tourist destination. With a wealth of world-renowned museums, parks and attractions that rival other historical European cities, this bustling city offers extensive activities for all, no matter what your interest. For luxury that can’t be found elsewhere, spend the day visiting Buckingham Palace, the royal residence of England’s monarch – Queen Elizabeth II.

London is a vibrant Western capital with approximately eight million inhabitants. It is a leading financial and communications hub. There is a relatively high employment rate, with some posts attracting “London weighting”, providing extra income for those living within the city boundaries. There is a range of accommodation types but on the whole it is expensive.

London is a wonderful city, but you need to choose the right area. If you’re wealthy, you can live almost anywhere. If you like art, the east side of the city would probably suit you, if you prefer to live in a hilly part of town then the south would be best.

London is a diverse and multicultural city; home to citizens from various backgrounds, class and religions. Areas of affluence and deprivation are located side by side, with council housing often on the same street as four-storey town houses. However, the beauty of London is how bustling, colourful and varied the communities are!

London has a wealth of museums. They are usually crowded during the day and sometimes you will not get to see what you came to see. At night, the museums take on another element, they settle into themselves and as they become quiet, that is the perfect time. They reveal more of their secrets after dusk.

Hannah, says: 2020
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