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What are the shopping options like in Jalgaon, Maharashtra?

four local experts

From buying a car to purchasing groceries to following the latest fashion trends, here's what four local experts had to say about shopping in Jalgaon, Maharashtra.

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My city is one of the cities that is currently being developed. If you are a really business minded person or want some kind of profit, I’d prefer that you’d move here since the real estate price is really low right about now and sooner or later the prices would spike up.

If he moves to my city Jalgaon, he should know a little bit of Marathi language so that he could be well versed with the communication and can survive properly. Also, he should be able to cook some food for himself because in my city the food culture is not that good. Also, he should get an idea about nearest locations like grocery stores like D-Mart beforehand so that he won’t struggle when he arrives.

Jalgaon is a tier two city in India. Having said that there are still plenty of things that the city has to offer. Someone moving in must be willing to get accustomed to the culture and cuisine that my city has to offer. My city is famous for bananas and for gold. It is a shopper paradise if someone likes to go for gold shopping.

Sagrika, says: 2020

There are not plenty of facilities available in here. You need to be really good in communication and be polite. Being rude to other can land you in trouble and the local policemen won’t support you much in this thing. No worries regarding food; mess are available at affordable prices.

Aarcha, says: 2020
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