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What are safety and crime like in Dubai?

12 local experts

From petty theft to violent crime, here's what 12 local experts had to say about safety and crime in Dubai.

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Dubai is one of the most multicultural places you could live in. I love getting to know people and my stay here has provided me just that! Friends from all over the world.
Careers – you have a wide range of career opportunities, but you need to be bold and confident as you will be competing with peers from all over the world.
Education – reputed schools and universities have their campuses here.
Food – you can taste any cuisine you want, although it may cost you much more than usual.
Religion – it is an Islamic state by law but very tolerant to its Expat population practicing their own religion as long as it is done respectfully and within their rules.
Rent – on the higher side but again a wide range is available. You will definitely be able to select one that fits your budget and lifestyle.
Lifestyle – you can go all out or you can be most comfortable in your bubble. Dubai is know for its extravagance.
Overall an amazing place to work, live or visit.

Dubai is a conservative country in which residents, including expatriates, must respect the Islamic laws and practices. These include dressing conservatively, abstaining from premarital relations and obtaining a licence to drink alcohol legally. That being said, Dubai is one of the most liberal places in the United Arab Emirates.

Yousra, says: 2020

Dubai is a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene. It is the most populous city. The world tallest building ‘Burj Khalifa’ is in Dubai. It has been recognized as the seventh safety city in the world.

Karina, says: 2020

Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates, which is an Islamic country. Due to this, it is important that visitors and/or those looking to move here would need to be sensitive to local sentiments that may differ from several Western countries and their communities – some of which would be frowned upon, and some outright against the law.

Dubai is a beautiful city in the Middle East, it has the tallest building in the world and it’s one of the leading in terms of security. One should be ready to be excited and to enjoy the good atmosphere around. Great people from all over the world enjoy visiting my city.

Fatima, says: 2020

Dubai is a safe and vibrant place. But, there are visa requirements to be fulfilled. In Dubai, expatriates are given equal opportunities to work and live a decent and fulfilling life. People from different nationalities live in harmony. Businesses thrive here, as the government recognises the need for; and provides flexible terms and conditions. Law and order prevails here amid a secure living environment.

Dubai is a very culturally engrossed city. Before arriving here, one should study its history and its culture to prepare themselves so they do not face a culture shock. They abide by strict rules and follow the Islamic law. If you like to keep yourself busy, meet people of different cultures, attend thrilling night parties and are able to afford a high-living standard, this is the city for you.

Michael, says: 2020

Dubai is a beautiful city with six months winter and six months hot summers. It has splendid infrastructure, marvellous skyscrapers and ultimate satisfaction in your lifestyle. The city also provides first rate education facilities and affiliations from the best universities around the world. The residents can enjoy amazing nightlife along with multi cuisine food outlets and extravagant shopping centres. The expats benefit complete safety, healthcare benefits and security at any time of the day and the government takes care of every individual with special care. Dubai is the perfect city to live with family.

Dubai is one of the emirates in United Arab Emirates. It is one of the safest city in the Middle East. The crime rate in Dubai is much lower than the other cities in other regions in the world. It is famous for sightseeing attractions such as the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

Dubai can be best described as a city that has the best of both worlds, eastern and western. It is a new, modern metropolis in the middle east region defining the latest architectures and is fast-paced. On the other hand, one may also find bliss in the older parts of Dubai which comprise of localities and businesses more than 40 years old that still look the same – a paradox in this fast-paced city where new buildings seem to develop overnight. We have around 100 plus different nationalities, al from various religious and ethnic backgrounds. And yet, you will not find a more peace loving city, zero animosity among these people. Crime is not unheard of, but what we call low crime here. And it is dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

If you do decide to move here, you will open the world to your kids where they will grow up embracing these different cultural differences and be so much more open minded in life. Being an expat is the best thing that has happened to me.

Dubai is a beautiful city, with safety and leisure guaranteed. There are many places to visit, and considering how close the cities are to one another, travelling to the end of the country takes a few hours, at most, by car. there’s quite a few jobs, including those in the thriving business of tourism.

Dubai is a beautiful city with tall-rising buildings and amazing infrastructure. Dubai is one of the best tourist destinations in the world and as a result, it attracts lots of people yearly. There are also jobs, security and facilities which makes life easy and enjoyable.

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