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Restaurant and Food Truck Options in Athens, Attica

two local experts

What are the fine dining options? What about the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants? Here's what two local experts had to say about restaurants and food trucks in Athens, Attica.

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Living in Athens offers a mix of ancient history and modern life. You’ll experience a vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, and historical landmarks like the Acropolis. However, traffic can be challenging, and the economic situation may vary. It ultimately depends on personal preferences and adaptability.

Athena, says: 2023

Athens is a really beautiful city with lots of monuments and places. In Ancient Greece, it was the cultural centre of the country. Democracy, philosophy and theatre were founded here by great personalities of that time such as Socrates, Plato and Euripides. Its great history combined with our local traditions and cuisine makes it a perfect destination for someone to explore.

Gregory, says: 2020
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