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Living in Athens, Greece:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

23 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Athens, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 23 people living in Athens what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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Living in Athens offers a mix of ancient history and modern life. You’ll experience a vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, and historical landmarks like the Acropolis. However, traffic can be challenging, and the economic situation may vary. It ultimately depends on personal preferences and adaptability.

Athena, says: 2023

If you are planning on visiting Athens, Greece, you must definitely visit the traditional area of monastiraki, take a long walk at the local flea market and enjoy the various goods sellers have to offer! Don’t forget to visit the historic Acropolis a bit higher as you move on the upper side. When it’s time for lunch, meat lovers will surely enjoy the traditional kebap at Bairaktaris!

Athens is a populous city with about four million permanent residents. The most famous monuments of Athens are the Parthenon and the Acropolis near the city center. Athens has the advantage of being surrounded by the sea, and that is why a tourist can visit it in summer as an exclusive destination for his summer vacation. It is a frequent occurrence traffic jams on highways, especially on weekdays.

Jeremiah, says: 2020

Depending on the exact location, there are a variety of problems. Most commonly encountered are transportation issues, with buses arriving at irregular intervals and a general absence of train stations in the outskirts, and overpopulation and atmospheric pollution due to a wide usage of cars at the very heart of the city.

Dimitris, says: 2020

Someone would have to learn how to move around using the public transport so they could arrive anywhere on time. That is to say, they need to be “on the run” at least one hour before their actual appointment, since our public transport is quite “weird”. Still, things are improving slowly but surely.

Dimitris, says: 2020

If you decide to move to Athens, you must keep in mind that it will take time to adjust to the environment and culture. Jobs are limited. For this reason, if you are career-oriented choose to stay abroad and visit the country only as a holiday destination.

Angelos, says: 2020

Anyone moving to Athens should keep in mind that, despite the seemingly comprehensive transport system, there is always traffic all across the city. Consequently, it is advisable to plan ahead and never leave home at the last minute. This is especially true if you travel between the centre and the suburbs.

Evlampia, says: 2020

Athens is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe combining many various aspects (tradition, history, culture, entertainment-among others) and covering all ‘tastes’. It can be visited all over the year, without the need of spending much money for exploring it adequately. I would be more than happy to provide more specific details and personalized information upon your request.

Theodoros, says: 2020

The first thing you should know, is that the locals are extremely welcoming and helpful. Be prepared to receive a lot of delicious Greek dishes as welcoming gifts! Life is relaxed and slow here, even though we are in a capital city. Be prepared for offices to be closed in the afternoon as residents head home for a siesta, and be prepared for the cacophony of car horns which will wake you up every morning as commuters jostle to work.

Ioanna, says: 2020

Athens is what you would normally consider a typical Greek city: it has a vibrant culture; is filled with rich historical value and embodies the comforts ascribed to Greeks all over the world. There are, however, more than a few people who are unhappy with the number of immigrants that crosses into their borders and frequently acts out against them. Athens at night is a sight to behold, but one should be careful walking the back streets and alleys all by yourself. It’s not to say something bad will ever happen – it is just better to be safe rather than sorry.

Konstantinos, says: 2020

The Athens is a city with most sunny days over the year, in Europe. Nightlife is amazing and there is always something new to do. There is metro and tram that makes your movings quite easy. If you are a student then you will wish to never leave this town because their universities are one of the best in Greece. The sea is close soat summer you can stay and enjoy here too.

A person moving to Athens, Greece, should be mainly aware of how people drive. They would see anything from drivers ignoring “STOP” signs, to honking the nanosecond the light turns green. It seems as though everyone is on such a rush when behind the wheel. On the other hand, even on the most stressful situations, you will find Greek folks to be rather relaxed and carefree.

Aikaterini, says: 2020

Athens is a really beautiful city with lots of monuments and places. In Ancient Greece, it was the cultural centre of the country. Democracy, philosophy and theatre were founded here by great personalities of that time such as Socrates, Plato and Euripides. Its great history combined with our local traditions and cuisine makes it a perfect destination for someone to explore.

Gregory, says: 2020

Athens, my city is large, dirty and noisy. It’s a city that never sleeps. It does have it’s good points though; it’s close to the sea and has fantastic weather most of the year-round. The cost of living is not too bad either. Rents are not excessive and the local food markets are a good source for locally grown produce.

Athens is full of shops of any kind. You can find really nice clothing. There is also a cinema for summer. It has a very warm climate and winter time is almost like summer. It is aardvark very calm suburban area with a large City Hall and many local theaters. I have visited and other cities during the past but my city is the most beautiful!

The ancient city of Athens is suitable for all ages and preferences, as the activities one can submerge themselves in while living here are countless. Athens caters for all tastes, as with a short, 20-minute trip, one can visit beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters or even the mountain Parnitha, that offers exquisite views of the city.

Angela, says: 2020

A person looking to move to Athens should know that, despite the irregularity of the streets layout, it is relatively easy to move around via public transport. However, one thing to note is that punctuality of the buses very much depends on the arbitrary laws of the road and the frequency of traffic congestion.

Lately, Athens has become a top destination with its famous Acropolis, monuments, attractions, cultural events, and Athens Riviera with its longest coastline of any other capital. The city is a safe one, perfect for any budget and a great ingress to your exciting island-hopping trip. Athens captivates every visitor, any season, from April to late November, peaking in August.

Someone moving to my city should know how to take the bus, metro and train as they are the main ways to move through the city. They should know that, at night, it can be a bit dangerous, as we have a high criminal rate considering our population. Another thing is that you have to be welcoming, respectful and hospitable as we have a lot of refugees.

What know about Athens is that it is a place with very hot weather, especially during summer. The city center is very crowded, some places are dirty, and the city overall suffers from noise pollution. However, Athens provides countless opportunities for entertainment as, just like other greek cities, it never sleeps. Unfortunately, career opportunities are limited.

Eftihia, says: 2020

I did not realise that long distances and commutes time were part of everyday life here. When selecting an area of residence, it is best to avoid the centre, if possible, due to higher crime rates, and try to find an apartment in the suburbs. Though, again, one should be cautious and look into the transportation options available in each area. On the whole, while Athens may not be a pretty city, it has a character that reflects centuries of history and I would unreservedly recommend visiting the museum of the City of Athens, a hidden gem within the city’s heart, that informs visitors of the Athens’ modern age.

Someone moving to Athens should take into consideration the differences between a small town and a capital city. In particular, Athens is a crowded city with high levels of pollution. The situation is exacerbated by traffic congestion and high crime rates. However, there are certain benefits such as greater employment prospects and a greater variety of recreational activities. This person should consider whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and make a proper decision. This decision will highly determine the level of well-being of that particular individual, therefore it ought to be considered thoroughly.

Gregory, says: 2020

Athens is a diverse city like many others in Europe, but in some ways it maintains its authenticity. Before moving to Athens, anyone should do their research. The rents vary, some neighborhoods are better than the other, but overall it is worth it. From almost anywhere downtown, you can spot the Acropolis or visit museums and places where the old incorporates the new.

Evangelos, says: 2020

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