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Parks, Recreation, and Greenspace in Irvine, California

four local experts

From neighborhood playgrounds to flagship parks, what does Irvine have to offer? Here's what four local experts had to say about parks and greenspace in Irvine, California.

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Irvine, which is in the heart of Orange County, is a safe place, and some say it is one of the safest in the United States. Some famous places to visit here is the Orange County Great Park, which is famous for the Great Park Balloon, and the Irvine Spectrum Center, which is an outdoor mall famous for its beautiful landscape. For those interested in higher education, Irvine features UCI, or University of California Irvine, one of the most prestigious universities in the nation. The weather in this city is nice because it rarely rains and never snows.

Daniel, says: 2020

The weather in Irvine is absolutely gorgeous every single day, and there are endless ways to enjoy the outdoors. From the sandy, blue watered beaches to the rugged hiking trails in the mountains, I highly suggest that anyone moving here should expect the best natural environment for recreation and exercise.

Jerrell, says: 2020

Irvine is a weird place to spend your 20s. There’s not a lot to do for people in that age range. If you’re at the university (Zot! Zot! Zot!), it’s a fun place. If you’re in your 30s or 40s with kids, there are excellent schools and parks. But, if you’re in your 20s, you’re really in the wrong spot.

Shaneada, says: 2020

Irvine is an incredible urban city with an abundance of outdoor activities guaranteed to satisfy both tourists and residents. Students learn in prestigious schools that have excellent national rankings with caring teachers that put the needs of the students first. Irvine homes are spacious and luxurious, bringing comfort to whomever decides to take residence in them.

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