Population: 22,237,472
São Paulo
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Wealth and Income Inequality in São Paulo

two local experts

Here's what two local experts had to say about wealth and income inequality in São Paulo.

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In South America, the city of Sao Paulo is not only more affluent than Buenos Aires (Argentina), it also has a higher GDP than most countries in that region. Its production and income generation is superior to the entire state of Minas Gerais, for example. This is the result of the profound socio-spatial and economic concentration that has marked the development of the Brazilian territory throughout history.

Anderson, says: 2020

São Paulo is the most populated city of Brazil. It is often considered the business capital of our country, as most of the companies reside here, and having the highest GDP in Brazil. São Paulo has a vast range of cultural activities, from museums to various kinds of gastronomic experiences from different countries. Although it is a city that I enjoy living in, it has many problems related to social inequality and, consequently, public security.

Nathalia, says: 2020
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