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Education and Schools in Meridian, Mississippi

two local experts

From schools for early education to nearby colleges and universities, here's what two local experts had to say about education in Meridian, Mississippi.

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At Lake Okatibbee you can enjoy the beaches, wildlife, and public trails. Okatibbee rarely is vacant since parties are hosted there year-round by any number of communities like churches, school field trips, and family reunions. Meridian has a stellar community college. The teachers are passionate and caring, and the classwork is challenging but not strenuous. MCC hosts student-led plays that attract locals of all types. While they are small in production value, Meridian treats them like a local thrill with packed seats and even annual passes to all productions.

Michele, says: 2020

Before moving to Meridian, MS, one should consider the lack of qualified teachers employed by the city schools. I would strongly recommend to thoroughly research the local school districts before purchasing a house. While both the city schools and county schools have excellent academic opportunities, the county schools retain a higher rate of highly-qualified teachers.

Daniel, says: 2020
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