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Cost of Living and Inflation in Taytay, Rizal: What do you need to know?

17 local experts

Here's what 17 local experts had to say about prices and the cost of living in Taytay, Rizal.

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This town in Rizal province at the outskirts of Metro Manila has most of the amenities you will need for every day life. Groceries, a mall, schools, churches, hospitals, markets, shops, fast foods and restaurants are all over the place. One of the unique finds you will enjoy here is the Taytay “tiangge”, a place to shop for garments and other dry goods at bargain prices. Taytay is known as the garments capital of the Philippines and is home to skilled woodworkers in times past. You can still find locally-made wood furniture sold here. If you want a simpler, lower cost of living but very accessible to both the megapolis and nature reserves, lakes, mountains and beaches of the province of Rizal and Southern Luzon, head on over to Taytay!

Bernadette, says: 2023

The town of Taytay, Rizal, is known as the Garment Capital of the Philippines. Many people visit Taytay to buy cheap clothes, and garments in our famous “tiangge” (bazaar). They practically go to the tiangge because the qualities of the clothes and garments there are similar to those of branded stuff that you can buy at the malls.

Our town is situated between the province of Rizal and Pasig City. The largest public market, hospitals, clinics, city halls, parks, police departments, and churches are all accessible to you in minutes! Houses are all within reasonable prices. The streets are maintained. On top of these, our town has the lowest incidence of crime for the past ten years.

Mikaela, says: 2020

When moving to my city, it is important to know the modes of transportation available because there are many different places to go to. For example, many tourists go to my city because it is considered the textile and clothing capital of the country. It is famous for its cheap but affordable clothing. The clothing industry is famous here because it provides the locals with their own sustainable businesses.

Rosalyn, says: 2020

Our city, Taytay, is the garment capital of the Philippines and is also known for Woodworks capital of the Philippines. They can expect that people in our city are very talented and always welcomes guests warmly. They should expect a heavy traffic sometimes and a crowded market because our city is always visited because you can find cheap and high quality apparels.

Our city is the Tiangge capital of the Philippines, meaning there are lot of cheap items on sale. If someone wishes to purchase item and planning to resell those items, our place is the right place to go to. People who are buying in our tiangge and resell items earned much more.

Before moving, it is very important to consider the heavy traffic in our city even in normal hours. Aside from that, our city has a lot to offer. Our city is greatly known for clothes-making. Despite traffic, people are still going and visiting our city just to buy our quality clothes at a very affordable price.

Momoko, says: 2020

This city is already urbanized. We have both private and public schools almost at every district. There are also a number of hospitals. A wet market, grocery stores, and a mall can also be found in it. You can look for an apartment to rent or you can look for houses and lots you can either buy or rent. You will never have to look far to search for neighbors, if you want to socialize.

In Taytay, We have a tiangge, where people from other places visit it because of its lowest price compare to the other stores. Tiangge is a place where you can buy clothes. Because Taytay is the garments capital of the Philippines. With this type of business, many people can work here.

Jeanne, says: 2020

Our city bazaar has a lot to offer from cheap dresses and clothes to branded clothes all for not more than a P500.00. Also, sellers can give big discount if you’re going to get a minimum of five pieces per item.

Caitlyn, says: 2020

Taytay, Rizal, is a Manila suburb. Our town is known for being the garment capital of the Philippines. That title brings both positive and negative impacts here. On the positive note, lots of people from different parts of the country troop to our town to buy clothes and other garment-based products at a very affordable price. Most buyers are resellers who have businesses in downtown Manila. The drawback is that due to the large volume of people, sometimes traffic could be horrendous. And it’s also no joke to buy properties here as lot prices have already gone up compared to previous years. To wrap up, I would still recommend my town to people looking for a place that’s just near the metropolis where most go to work.

Angela, says: 2020

Taytay, Rizal, is the Garments Capital of the Philippines. If you wanted to buy an affordable and quality clothes in just 1,000 pesos you can buy an from top to bottom. You can also contact some sewers if you want to have an extra income and sell some of the trendy clothes they are selling. Affordable clothes ranges from 35 pesos up to 200 pesos only.

Taytay is one of the municipalities in the province of Rizal. Our town is known for garments and woodwork where in fact it is called “Garments and Woodworks Capital of the Philippines”. There are a lot of places you can visit here. One of the famous places to visit is the “Taytay Tiangge” where you can find good quality of clothes with just a cheap price.

People in Taytay, one of the cities in Rizal, use garments as their main source of income. Additionally, Taytay is known for harboring numerous tailors. We also have a place called Taytay Tiangge where all the products made by the local tailors are exhibited and sold.

Ronnette, says: 2020

Our city is known for being the garment capital of the Philippines. It would really be lovely to visit our town to shop for clothes. You can buy clothing as cheap as a dollar with the maximum quality possible.

Carlos, says: 2020

One of the things that a person must consider if they’re going to move to our city is that it’s where all possible establishments are located. From expensive boutiques, malls, fast food chains, recreational areas, and affordable garments shop, name it — we all have it here! We are all very known for being hospitable, and you can easily find a nice place.

Living in Taytay Rizal has a lot of benefits. Taytay is the garment capital of the country, therefore, there are a lot of business establishments in Taytay. Since Taytay is the garment capital, a lot of tourists and businessmen come here to check and see the Tiangge. Nevertheless, one will enjoy the time here shopping for clothes for its affordable prices.

Shalom, says: 2020
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