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Cost of Living and Inflation in Nashville, Tennessee: What do you need to know?

five local experts

Here's what five local experts had to say about prices and the cost of living in Nashville, Tennessee.

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If you’re moving to Nashville, you need to know that is it a young, vibrant city. However, the cost of living can be quite high.

Jacquie, says: 2022

After living abroad for several years in Asia and Europe, I am currently back in Nashville, TN, to be near my family. Nashville is most known for being the Country Music Capital of the World; in fact, the question I get most often about my hometown is whether or not I frequently see stars like Blake Shelton or Taylor Swift at the grocery store or walking down the street. In the last few year, Nashville has risen in such popularity that housing rates are comparable to rent in a much larger city. Nashville should be considered a good place to move if one wants to live in a growing city while still being within easy driving distance of incredible hiking, fishing and camping spots.

When moving to Nashville, a person should decide whether they want to live close to the city or on the outskirts. Living closer to downtown is more expensive, but the advantage of avoiding traffic is present. If you decided to reside outside of the city, the cost of living is more affordable; however, traffic can be a minor issue.

Brianna, says: 2020

Nashville is a large beautiful city. It is the city of Country Music. This is where the hall of fame of country music stars is found. There are so many sites to visit like; Parthenon, it was built in the late 1800 and is said to have the largest statue in the United States. Johnny Cash museum is one of my favorite considering he was a famous musician and though the museum is expensive, it is worth to visit, listen to music and just explore.

Chester, says: 2020

Nashville has all the cultural attractions offered by big city living, in a small town package. The cost of living is still relatively low, while the abundance of nightlife, entertainment, museums, and restaurants rival those of traditionally desirable coastal cities, such as Los Angeles and New York. If you have a car, the ease of getting around is hard to beat compared to other larger cities. Nashville is perfect for the ambitious single person looking to work and play hard, and the young couple with kids looking for stability and family friendly fun.

Corinne, says: 2020
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