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Banking and Finance in Kolhapur, Maharashtra: What do you need to know?

two local experts

From retail banking to investing, here's what two local experts had to say about finance in Kolhapur, Maharashtra.

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Kolhapur is a city on the banks of the Panchganga River, in the west Indian state of Maharashtra. It’s known for its temples, like the ancient Mahalakshmi Temple, a Hindu pilgrimage site. The Bhavani Mandap is an imposing old palace with a small museum displaying stuffed wild animals. Close by, Rankala Lake is surrounded by gardens. The hilltop Jyotiba Temple complex is on the city’s outskirts.

Grusha, says: 2020

Kolhapur is on the bank of Panchganga river. It is famous for leather shoes. It is birthplace of the King Shahu Maharaj and Queen Maharani Tarabai who played an important role in the 1857 riot. Kolhapur is also famous for casting industry. Kolhapur is also well known for increasing agricultural and milk products.

Mohammed, says: 2020
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