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What are transportation options and challenges in Tucson, Arizona?

three local experts

Are there taxis in Tucson? What about scooters? What are the public transportation options? Here's what three local experts had to say about transportation methods in Tucson, Arizona.

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If you’re moving to Tucson you will need to know that the traffic in Tucson has become horrible during certain times of the day. What used to take 5-10 minutes to travel now can take 1 hr. We get a lot of snowbirds, Rodeo fans and Jem Show tourist which adds to our bursting at the seams traffic. The price of housing, rental or buying has gone up, but it still is better than Phoenix.

Carmen, says: 2023

Before moving to Tucson a new resident should know: It is a desert, it does get hot, but it’s a dry heat. It has a very homey feel to it once your in. Summer time I can cook an egg over medium on the concrete sidewalk in about three and a half minutes.

Rachel, says: 2020

Someone moving to Tucson should know the streets are often riddled with potholes. Attempts to fix this issue are made through constant construction, though this typically causes further traffic delays. Tucson is bike-friendly and walkable. However, you choose to get around, a trip down 4th Avenue or to the UA campus will be worth your time.

Tamara, says: 2020
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