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What are transportation options and challenges in Barcelona?

four local experts

Are there taxis in Barcelona? What about scooters? What are the public transportation options? Here's what four local experts had to say about transportation methods in Barcelona.

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Coming to Barcelona, one should consider understanding public transport, the rich cuisine, the living expenses, language barriers and finally, difficulties in finding a place to stay. Barcelona enjoys mild winters; it almost never snows, and warm summers, where temperatures rarely rise above 35 degrees centigrade. It is important to understand the politics of the Catalan Community. Citizens are very proud of their Catalan language and are seen striking several times a year for independence. Therefore, one should be careful when making any comments to others regarding Spain (or being Spanish), the civil war, or the independence of Catalonia.

Barcelona is one of the best cities in the world in which. It is renowned for its Modernist architecture, world-famous cuisine and balmy climate. Housing prices are not low, but it is easy to live in the city centre and public transport is cheap. People are friendly and you can learn to speak Spanish and Catalan if you choose to come and live here!

Leanne, says: 2020

If someone moves to Barcelona, must have a bicycle to go to work or study, traffic there is very heavy, and there are many bicycle roads to go anywhere. Barcelona is a city full of museums and some of them are free, you just have to go to a public office and get a ticket.

Barcelona is a vibrant city, full of culture, colour and activity. The locals use public spaces like a second living room and whilst walking around, you will stumble across groups of people playing music in ‘plazas’, having feasts in parks, and children drawing with chalk on sidewalks. It is a city in which to learn to enjoy the simplicity of daily chores, like going to the market, cycling to work or just meeting up with friends.

Lucía, says: 2020
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