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How bad is traffic in Hyderabad, Telangana?

43 local experts

Nobody likes traffic. Not a single soul. Here's what 43 local experts had to say about traffic in Hyderabad, Telangana. Perhaps you'll find some tips to avoid rush hour and some potholes.

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Hyderabad is a very busy and a bustling city. Anybody considering moving to Hyderabad should be prepared for the traffic jams and the extremely unruly traffic regulations of the city. The food in this city is really great and you have a lot of varieties/cuisines to choose from. The nightlife in Hyderabad is absolutely breathtaking; if you are a party person then Hyderabad is the city for you. People here are friendly and full of life.

Sanika, says: 2020

Hyderabad is a city for everyone, it holds something for each person who resides here. However, there should be some points which people should be careful about and below are my two cents on this topic:
(1) Don’t eat outside regularly. The reason for this being that since Hyderabad has a lot of variety available to offer you may fall in love with the cuisine and may never be able to move on to another city.
(2) The traffic here is terrible during the peak hours so try to prefer public transport as your mode of transport to office (let’s save the environment as well).

Hyderabad is a city with lot of opportunities for people from all walks of life. But the cost of living might a bit expensive if you are coming from a rural area. And the traffic can be issue due to the overpopulation in the areas in and around city.

Shashank, says: 2020

Hyderabad is place of opportunities, if you wanted start a new life then come here because it is one of the IT hubs of South India. The only thing that you might feel hard is the traffic, yes you heard me right. Traffic jams are so common here and the one good thing is you can find different people and traditions here.

Ankush, says: 2020

The density of population and way of life in the city are to be considered while one moves to Hyderabad. Traffic on roads and huge crowd at public places may become an issue to some of the new occupants. But it gets easier and more comfortable when one gets adapted to the life in my city.

Biswajeet, says: 2020

Hyderabad: a place rich in cultural diversity, is known as The Land of the Nizams. People from various communal backgrounds have coexisted peacefully in this city for centuries. The population is less, as is evident from the lack of traffic congestion during peak hours. The cost of living is reasonable.

Pramod, says: 2020

Hyderabad is a melting pot of cultures. We have all the people in harmony here. But, you have to know traffic here is very dense and usually there is no way to escape it. Rains in Hyderabad can be beautiful but they can be a real buzz kill if you are on the road. Once you have overlooked that, you will see a beautiful city with a magnificent history. The cuisine here will offer you something new every morning and you will never be bored.

Arpita, says: 2020

I consider Hyderabad as the best living place in this state as it is a capital first of all and climatic conditions here are favourable for kids. It’s the most developed city with all branded showrooms and good eating joints. Traffic sense in people here is far better than compared to other cities.

Raghav, says: 2020

It’s a pleasant and a developing city. There will is a lot of noise and traffic to cope with. There many ways to commute within the city and a lot of attractions. It’s diverse and lots of cuisines to explore. It’s easy to get along with a little bit of an effort. Lots of parks, malls, historic sites.

Ashutosh, says: 2020

Hyderabad, the city of pearl, is a beautiful place in South Indian state of India. Anyone who plans to visit the place or move here should know they are in for a sensory treat. The world-famous Hyderabadi biryani is something that one should try. But, if someone from outside India visits, then they should be a little cautious of the spicy levels. it is quite hot and humid most of the year and experience a pleasant and cool weather only for a period of three to four months during October to January. One should visit Charminar and the old city area for the old rustic nizami charm, while being cautious of thieves. One should also be prepared of experiencing heavy traffic issues here and therefore plans one’s schedule accordingly. For someone to enjoy the old charmness of a city bustling with so many stories along with a fun and young vibe of city life, Hyderabad is the perfect place.

Tanishq, says: 2020

The people should know there are a lot of potholes in many parts of the city. My city is also famous for Biryani and Irani Chai. There are also many tourist sites in HYderabad like Charminar, The Hyderabad Boat Club, Golconda Fort, Salar Jung Museum, Lumbini Park, etcetera.

Ashish, says: 2020

Hyderabad, otherwise known as the city of pearls, is often overlooked in the Indian skyline of famous cities. With one of the richest histories and multicultural population, Hyderabad makes one of the most unique conglomerations of people and traditions. Like any Indian metropolis, one of the major inconveniences regarding moving to such a city is the ever present crowd and traffic. Housing some of most popular and important companies in the IT scene, the city is fast-paced and busy. However, it is well contrasted with it’s slower, more passive side commonly known as the ‘old city’, that houses the city’s most precious monuments and sites, a safe distance from hurried live run by the rapidly evolving technology. For a new resident, the city proves a comfortable place in terms of varied languages, cuisines, easy public transport and reasonable real estate. The only real downside if any, would be falling in love with the city and lifestyle and not being able to leave.

Pavani, says: 2020

This is one of the growing cities of India which can be reached from at least five other states in a day’s trip. The city has developed good infrastructure in its outskirts which supports the quick travel instead of getting stuck in the in-city traffic chaos.

At the outset, let me warn you that traffic in Hyderabad is chaotic. Driving a two-wheeler, though tiring, is much easier. There are several alternate modes of transport available like Metro, bus, call taxi, auto etc. The best time to travel in the city is before 7:00 AM and after 10:00 PM.

Rishabh, says: 2020

Someone moving to hyderabad must consider the area of residence. All the corporate companies have been set up in one particular area. Since the person moving has his work location in the corporate city, then it is advisable for him/her to consider a place of living nearby as traffic can be an issue while commuting from home to work.

Aditya, says: 2020

Always bargain while shopping/travelling. traffic jams are constant mess. prefer local transport. climate is mostly humid. affordable food and stay. great delicacies to try out. people are friendly and welcoming, seek help whenever needed. It’s a city with enchanting history. The old mosques, sprawling gardens, palaces will leave you spellbound. Be open to embrace the free spirit of the city. From the new tech hub to old lanes of Charminar, you would discover a whole different world.

Hamraz, says: 2020

Hyderabad is a multilingual city. People here are fluent in languages such as English, Hindi and Telugu. The weather here is hot throughout the year and there is a lot of traffic congestion. It is a beautiful city.

Ashish, says: 2020

the city’s public transport is not very effective. Due to this, the city faces traffic congestion from private vehicles which leads to pollution. This may turn out to be a problem for people diagnosed with respiratory illnesses and these people might want to rethink about their decision to move here.

Khushboo, says: 2020

Hyderabad is still a developing city but one can easily habituate here. One thing to consider is traffic because traffic over here is very heavy, but good thing is the weather here is awesome. A person from poor to rich can easily survive here. The famous food here is Hyderabadi biryani.

Ashish, says: 2020

The person moving to the city where I reside should know few simple things. First is traffic, it’s darn high and never-ending. Second is the food, delicious and spectacular food is always available. Third is tourist attractions, so many monuments and historic buildings to take snaps. Fourth is rental and property availability, it’s not cheap living in Hyderabad.

Siddharth, says: 2020

One moving here should know how to adapt with food because foods here are very spicy. South Indian people use a lot of chilly in their food. Without chilly they cannot imagine any curry. The roads are crowded with traffic, so one needs to have some extra time in hand to reach to your destination. One needs to start early to reach to your place in time.

Shivaal, says: 2020

The person intending to move to Hyderabad should be proficient in Hindi, Urdu or Telugu. The person should be ready for the extremely hot climate during summer. He/She should appreciate hot and spicy food. The person also should be patient and have expertise in dealing with heavy traffic on rads.

Amrinder, says: 2020

Hyderabad city is in Telangana state of India. City is famous for its special biryani. One should must it if they visit here. You should always allow extra time while traveling as there is a lot of traffic on the roads.

He should gain knowledge of local food and rentals. It is always a good thing if he knows the local language and culture. He would be better off if he had some friends in this city. Last, but not the least, should be able to adjust to the local traffic.

Srishti, says: 2020

The people moving here should know how terrific traffic is and they should also know it is a place where you can easily adopt to ourselves. My city has a beautiful places to visit and enjoy the nature. It is a place where you can start your business if you want to expand.

Kashika, says: 2020

1 – Strict Traffic Rules – Hyderabad traffic rules are very strict so always wear helmets while riding two wheeler and put on the seat belts while driving car.

2 – Crowded – One could find Hyderabad crowded at tourist hot spots like Golconda Fort.

3 – Language barrier – One could experience Language barrier as mostly Telugu is spoken all over the demographic area, but people can easily understand Hindi and English too.

4 – Climate – Sensitive to climate? One must take care as Hyderabad temperature rises to 45 degree Celsius.

One thing to keep in mind when moving to Hyderabad is, traffic over here is bad and it gets even worse during monsoons. The cost of living is less when compared to the other metropolitan cities in India. Hyderabad is a city which never lets you go to bed with a hungry stomach.

Hyderabad is a big city with a good amount of traffic on the roads. The residential areas are very quiet while the main roads have a steady flow of traffic. Depending on the area you are planning to stay in, Hyderabad can be fast-paced especially the new parts of the city. With the metro train system, the commute has become very efficient and easy. it is a nice place to stay in.

The people moving to our city should keep a few things in mind like the heavy population, high rent, heavy traffic. On the bright side, cheerful people, great tradition, and a spicy cuisine is always an attraction that brings people into our city.

Upendar, says: 2020

Heavy traffic jams, should have very good driving skills, patience while driving, cheap house rents, good city for middle class people who can afford only low price clothing and foods available, should be able to handle the hot temperatures as most of the year contains sunny days. Good tourist spots and guides available.

Most people in Hyderabad speak Hindi. one must know manageable Hindi if one moves Hyderabad. Most importantly, be ready to put up with heavy traffic and rash driving. There are many historical monuments in Hyderabad. First thing to do is to have Hyderabadi Biryani.

Hyderabad is one of the best known metropolitan cities in India. Locals here are dearly known as Hyderabadi and it has its own language too. Some parts of the city are very much crowded with traffic like Madhapur, hi-tech city, ramoji film city,, etc. We also have metro trains, local e-bus, local trains too which are mostly crowded everyday. Hyderabad is famous for its biryani and one must really try it too. We also have many malls, gardens, parks, and best cuisine with very hygienic places to explore. You can enjoy the pubs, clubs at night and during the day just watch movies in any of the malls followed by lunch at a beautiful restaurant. People here are very humble, friendly, kind and jovial too and its cost-friendly city too when compared to Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and other parts of India.

In Hyderabad, the best thing is biryani which is best in all over India, apart from that the weather is cool and traffic is light compared to other cities. There are lot of places including parks and jogging tracks where people can relax and enjoy themselves.

Yamini, says: 2020

The climate of Hyderabad is cooler than we expect. Traffic is also heavy in specific areas. In Hyderabad you can speak to anyone in Hindi. It’s known for Charminar and similar tourist spots. It also has night markets which are crowded. It is also famous for the hyderabadi biryani.

Karthik, says: 2020

Hyderabad is the capital of Telangana state. Its is a beautiful place to stay/move as it has many resources to work and has a beautiful climate to which anyone can adjust. People here are friendly and helpful, but one of the backlog is traffic, but the government is taking adequate measures through running metros.

Garima, says: 2020

The people should consider about temperature, traffic and water scarcity when moving here. I recommend people to check with the house owner and validate if there is any water problem in the area before doing a check-in. As it is a sunny season, the temperatures are very high in our city and please consider it before moving.

Hyderabad is culturally diverse city where people love to eat and enjoy their lives. It is one of the largest Information Technology (IT) Hub in the country. Hyderabad is popularly known for its rich culture and heritage. Hyderabadi Biryani is a well-known and loved dish all over the world. As any other city, the metropometropoitan city, Hyderabad faces an issue with traffic.

Somebody moving to Hyderabad must have a sound Hindi vocabulary. They should be careful and not associate with strangers. Hyderabadi food is renowned for being very spicy and savoury, one must be willing to indulge their taste buds in the rich cultural dishes. Heavy road congestion is a common sight; use public transport and avoid main roads at peak hours.

Hyderabad is a software hub as the major companies are here. The “Hitec-city” is the base of this hub. There is also a Pharma hub near Turkapally, where major pharma research is done. The weather is moderate as it’s not too hot and not too cold. Traffic is bad but not as bad as Bangalore.

Mohammed, says: 2020

Hyderabad is a metropolitan city and the fourth largest city in India. It’s a safe metropolitan in south. Not as congested at Bangalore. A bit hot in summers but tolerable for north Indians. Best thing is food and traditional biryani. Hyderabad, a city full of colors and flavors. a city famous for its historic greatness and for the food. a dream city for historians and tourists.

Biswajeet, says: 2020

In Hyderabad cost of living is low when comparing to the other cities in India. Street food is good here, atmosphere is good in hyderabad. There is of traffic in hyderabad, if you want to go somewhere, You have to start 30 minutes early. evening weather is good, there is lot of places you can have fun.

Krapanj, says: 2020

People moving here should know where there is a lot of traffic problem and pollution, but the people are accommodating when you need an address. Culture is excellent here, the transport service is good. People are friendly and cooperative. There are so many places.

Nahera, says: 2020

When you move to Hyderabad, one thing you should be very specific about is when you visit the Charminar, a symbol of the Deccan heritage and culture, you should never enter the two kilometres radius via a vehicle else it results in getting stuck in traffic for at least an hour or two.

Akilan, says: 2020
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