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Natural Disasters in Stagecoach, Nevada: What do you need to know?

three local experts

From earthquakes to violent hailstorms, Mother Nature can throw a lot at us. Here's what three local experts had to say about the threat of natural disasters in and around Stagecoach, Nevada.

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A brief fall period gives way to a winter as harsh as the summer. Nearby Silver Springs doesn’t get very much snow. It still gets its fair share of snow days though. The winter storms turn the dirt roads to quicksand, stopping the school busses in their tracks. Temperatures regularly drop into negative numbers, yet the sun will be shining just as brightly as in the summer.

Samuel, says: 2020

The summer heatwave hits hard in rural Nevada. Within a few days, temperatures soar from the mid-60s to about 110 degrees Fahrenheit beginning in late May. Lake Lahontan is nearby, though it’s not the best place to cool off. Full of algae and contaminants, the lake was a human creation to provide irrigation for agriculture in the nearby towns. Cases of heat stroke are quite common among those who are new to the area.

Madison, says: 2020

Scorpions and rattlesnakes roam the earth. The howl of coyotes and the screeching of mountain lions cut through the night; vultures come by day to scavenge the remains of their kills. Herds of wild horses trample across properties, stripping the leaves off of what few trees survive such a harsh environment. Spring brings a brief period of moderate temperatures, cloudy skies, and the constant threat of flash flooding. These floods are the reason the roads are so bumpy. They were paved once; water damage undercut the asphalt and created sinkholes every few feet. There’s really no point in fixing it; the damage will be back within a year.

Sufiya, says: 2020
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