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Jobs and Unemployment in Bharuch, Gujarat

two local experts

Curious about jobs and careers in Bharuch? Here's what two local experts had to say about employment opportunities in Bharuch, Gujarat.

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Bharuch is a good city, but it’s stuck sometimes with communal violence. Find a job here is quite difficult. You should always be careful with your belongings as the city has quite a good number of thieves. City has a big bazaar and some more super stores. People here are mostly friendly. The city has biggest banyan tree in the world known as kabirvad.

Daeema, says: 2020

The temperature during summer is very high. This city has a huge river passing through it. The city has a famous SEZ area which will be helpful for employment. The city has its own heritage sites. Bharuch City is also known by its name broch as it was given by the British. City includes a mixture of ll the communities like Muslims, Hindu, Christians and Tribals.

Rakesh, says: 2020
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