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Wealth and Income Inequality in San Diego, California

three local experts

Here's what three local experts had to say about wealth and income inequality in San Diego, California.

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You’ll love the beaches and city life, but it’s LOUD and crowded. Lots of homelessness and everything is very expensive. If you’re moving here, save up a lot of money first. Even if you’re visiting, it’s likely to be much more expensive than almost anywhere.

Jessie, says: 2023

San Diego’s property values are extremely high and it’s very costly to buy property or rent. Its weather is about as good as it gets in the U S. Beaches are beautiful. Unfortunately, San Diego also has one of the largest homeless populations. There just isn’t enough affordable housing, so many live in tents and cars. Utilities are about the highest in California. Those who can afford it find San Diego one of the best places to live. Those who can’t had best find a more affordable city.

If you’re moving to San Diego, CA, you need to make over 73k a year. That amount is considered low income. It’s very expensive to live here on a retired budget.

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