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Port Elizabeth
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The History of Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

13 local experts

From dinosaurs to explorers to wars, here's what 13 local experts had to say about the history of Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape.

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We have beautiful cities like Cape Town with one of the listed wonders of the world ‘Table Mountain’ and have rich history of ‘Robben Island’ which kept the freedom fighters captive for 27 years with one of those people being Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela the first black president of South Africa, and a noble prize holder.

Asanda, says: 2020

Port Elizabeth is a city in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province. It is well known for its beautiful and numerous beaches. The Donkin Heritage Trail takes in the Old Hill neighbourhood’s Victorian landmarks. Coastal boat tours spot whales and rare seabirds, while wildlife reserves outside the metropolitan area are home to elephants, rhinos and other big game.

Bogadi, says: 2020

Someone moving to my city should consider the safety and security of the area they want to reside in. The country does have a long history of rampant crime and as a proud citizen I want the best experience for anyone moving to this country. One last thing to consider is the weather, it is always good to be prepared for anything in Port Elizabeth.

Danielle, says: 2020

Find a beach where they can relax. There are also some very nice and upmarket hotel close to the beach, they have great services, including places for children to play and enjoy themselves while they are on holiday and enjoying themselves. Some nice hiking mountains. There are very beautiful heritage sites.

Reabetsoe, says: 2020

Port Elizabeth is a city rich of heritage and culture. From the history of the old city buildings to the vibrant people residing in it. It is known as the Windy City due to the usually windy days we have. PE (Port Elizabeth), is a coastal city with lots of activities and also boasts the Nelson Mandela University which was named in honour of our first black president, Mr Nelson Mandela. You’ll never find yourself running out of things to do!

Carilyne, says: 2020

Port Elizabeth is a windy city, you probably need to carry a jacket with you at all times. It has many beautiful tourist sites that showcase the deep roots of South African history. The residents are very friendly and diverse. You will be greeted with a smile when you walk past somebody.

Kaylin, says: 2020

Port Elizabeth is such a wonderful place with beautiful holiday destinations. Take for example Summerstrand Beach where one can bask in the sun or maybe surf. The environment helps one relax; it is definitely the best place for family vacations. One place I would definitely recommend for any visitor would be the boardwalk where there are all sorts of fun activities to do including legal gambling, car racing, food tasting, etc. By the King’s Beach there are artists selling quality artifacts.

Palesa, says: 2020

To learn about its history and the beauty of the Xhosa culture. The art and different taste of foods. It would also be imperative to be aware of areas where crime scenes are most rated high and only visit places where you would feel safe at. It would also be important to visit locations or townships to learn and get an understanding on how people face different challenges on daily basis.

This is a fun city with a lot of history that you can explore. The first Humans to arrive in South Africa was here in Port Elizabeth. Port Elizabeth is a relaxed, laid-back city with friendly people and very kind. This city has a harbor, beautiful beaches, a university, and a marine world.

Sibusiso, says: 2020

Port Elizabeth is known as The Friendly City, although it really should be The Windy City. It has perfect weather for watersports, as is evidenced by the annual Ironman and Corporate Ironman tournaments. Surfers can be seen along the pristine Blue Flag beaches daily, regardless of the weather. This laid-back coastal city also has a rich history dating back to the 1820 Settlers, and is also home to the famous Donkin fort, of which the cannon has never fired a shot.

Fezekile, says: 2020

Port Elizabeth is a beautiful city with many activities to enjoy. We have many restaurants, cute little shops and many cultural and historical sites. We have a lot of friendly faces willing to help travelers. We are also known as the windy city, due to our extreme weather.

Nomvuselelo, says: 2020

Port Elizabeth is an amazing city. It has some of the most amazing beaches in our country as well many Historical Monuments and Museums. We also have many Nature Reserves and Game Parks which one can visit and are within easy reach of the city centre. Port Elizabeth also has many shopping centres and restaurants.

Lindokuhle, says: 2020

Port Elizabeth is a beautiful coastal city in South Africa. It’s also known as the Nelson Mandela Bay. The city is very beautiful and has really nice beaches, although the weather can be very windy most of the time. It’s rich in diversity and cultural heritage. It has a lion park.

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