Population: 91,750
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The History of Plantation, Florida

three local experts

From dinosaurs to explorers to wars, here's what three local experts had to say about the history of Plantation, Florida.

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Someone moving here, Plantation, should know it is overall a great city. There is low crime, affordable housing, and a low cost of living. People are very nice, and there are quite a few shopping centers. This ensures that everyone in the city has easy access to super markers, restaurants, and other businesses.

Delaney, says: 2020

Plantation is an incorporated municipality with a strong mayor located west of Fort Lauderdale. It was established as a quiet respite from urban life. However, it is under intense construction now. Multiple buildings are being erected simultaneously. It can no longer be called an oasis from noise and congestion.

Heather, says: 2020

Plantation has a beautiful amount of trees and parks. It has a very nice suburban feel to it. The shops are amazing along with wonderful restaurants. I love being able to take a walk in the serene part of town. The malls are very large and far between. Plantation is also close to downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Elizabeth, says: 2020
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