Population: 3,898,747
Los Angeles
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The History of Los Angeles, California

six local experts

From dinosaurs to explorers to wars, here's what six local experts had to say about the history of Los Angeles, California.

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Los Angeles is a sprawling, diverse city with something to do for anyone. Any type of food and dining experience you’d like to try, we’ve got it. Want to learn to surf? The beach is only 30 minutes away. Museums more your speed? We have world renowned art, history, science, and genre museums. Movie stars more your speed? Take a walk down the Walk of Fame, check out Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, and then go for a quick ride around the hills to see your favorite celebrity’s home.

Los Angeles has a history of year-round earthquakes, as well as wildfires annually. It is important to consider these occurrences before deciding on residing within Los Angeles county. All that aside, Los Angeles has amazing moderate weather conditions all year long.

Danielle, says: 2020

Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis in some areas and a compacted zone of fervor in others. There is something for everyone in this diverse city. There is a plethora of cuisine choices at the ready, from Jamaican to Thai, from New York pizza to authentic French Crepes. The keen eyed observer will also notice the many murals depicting moments important in the history of the “City of Lost Angels”.

Kennalee, says: 2020

Los Angeles is a large and diverse city, and people from all over the world live here. You can see evidence of this in the food that is available, the music and art scenes, and the history of immigration and urbanization in the city. From the South Bay to Downtown LA and all the way up to the San Fernando Valley, you will find a community within the city where you will feel at home.

If moving to Los Angeles, California, don’t forget to bring your sunscreen! You can look forward to relaxing days at the beach and a vibrant nightlife. This diverse and multicultural city has so many things to offer and you can experience history, art, theme parks, and most importantly, amazing cuisine!

Hailey, says: 2020

The one willing to move to Los Angeles has to understand that it might take a lot more time than in romanticized movies. Nevertheless, this city is wonderful on it’s own way. The breathtaking views, beautiful monuments and inspiring people who want to change the world. If you come here for unforgettable moments, you will get them.

Damarriyah, says: 2020
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