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Diversity and Racism in Hanoi

three local experts

Is Hanoi diverse? Do people from different ethnic groups get along? Here's what three local experts had to say about diversity, inclusivity, and racism in Hanoi.

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Hanoi is regarded as a peaceful city with a diversity of recreational areas. As the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi has been experiencing a rapid economic growth. Many academic institutions, including schools and universities, are in the city, and foreigners choose it as an ideal relocation destination where they not only start up their businesses but also consider as their second home.

Jenalynne, says: 2020

Ha Noi is the capital of Viet Nam. It is the second largest city in Vietnam It has a history of 1000 years, which makes Ha Noi’s culture very diverse. Nowadays, with a very fast economic development, Ha Noi has a high-polluted atmosphere, which makes the life in this city not easy.

With over 1000 years of culture, Hanoi is the largest cultural center in Vietnam with many cultural relics. The land has produced folklore with many songs, proverbs, famous heroes and people, and festivals imbued with history. What makes Hanoi special, are the different cultures from many parts of the world, making the culture here so diverse and nowhere in Vietnam are there many civilized villages like Hanoi. Villages with Buddhist influence, or French architecture are scattered throughout the city, making visitors extremely excited about the cultural values ​​that exist in a busy city like Hanoi.

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