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Cost of Living and Inflation in Memphis, Tennessee: What do you need to know?

three local experts

Here's what three local experts had to say about prices and the cost of living in Memphis, Tennessee.

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For aspiring homeowners on a budget, Memphis offers fantastically low prices in real estate. You get a big bang for your buck. Although our city has a reputation for violent crime, I have never experienced anything like that, in my nearly 30-year residence. Perhaps this is due to the city’s wide geographic spread, about a million people in nearly a dozen “zones” in the greater Memphis area.

Memphis has the fourth highest crime rate in the US. But Memphis is also the seventh most affordable city, according to the CCER in 2018. And we have Graceland, if you really like Elvis or you just want to visit a cool mansion.

Stephanie, says: 2020

You will need to know if there are any jobs available. What the living cost in Memphis, TN? What about the school systems? will they teach my children the right way are they focused on making sure each and every child graduate. What is the crime rate in Memphis, TN?

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