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Cost of Living and Inflation in Lekki, Lagos: What do you need to know?

four local experts

Here's what four local experts had to say about prices and the cost of living in Lekki, Lagos.

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Living in Lekki could be expensive but it’s worth it as it’s a place of comfort with a very good road network, electricity is very okay, shopping mall, good security, even market for general purpose. However, church, school and relaxation centers are not left out as all work no play make sunny a dull man.

Edward, says: 2022

The cost of living is expensive. In certain areas houses get flooded during the raining season. There is usually heavy traffic when coming to or leaving the area. Some parts of the city is highly developed while the further you go the less developed it is but the cost of housing reduces.

Ifeanyi, says: 2020

The weather over here is hot so pack light. The city is expensive, so one has to beware of finances. Also, crime rate and civil unrest is high so one has to be careful. You have to be talented to survive. Everyone hustles day and night. Fame and money keeps the city moving.

Mazeedah, says: 2020

If there is anyone moving to my city, Lekki, he or she needs to know it’s a very beautiful city. The city, an island, is surrounded by large bodies of water and it has a number of beaches. The city is also home to quite a number of companies, though rent is expensive.

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