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Cost of Living and Inflation in Jeddah, Mecca: What do you need to know?

three local experts

Here's what three local experts had to say about prices and the cost of living in Jeddah, Mecca.

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Anyone moving to Jeddah should keep the city’s 30 best restaurants in mind. The beaches are a must and the amusement parks are sure to keep you entertained. Although the fuel is cheap, you must keep track of your expenses, lest you find yourself penniless in Red Sea Mall with 15 bags weighing your arms down.

Jeddah is the port city of Saudi Arabia, it’s also one of the most popular tourism spots in the country. It’s open to the red sea, so the seafood here is amazing. The cost of living is getting higher gradually but it’s still a nice city harboring great malls and restaurant spots.

Living in Jeddah is difficult if you don’t own a car because unlike other cities public transport is not readily available. Apart from that, rent prices might be high. Hospitality is a policy in Jeddah and the scenery is absolutely stunning.

Ibrahim, says: 2020
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