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Cost of Living and Inflation in Hong Kong: What do you need to know?

ten local experts

Here's what ten local experts had to say about prices and the cost of living in Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong is very convenient in terms of getting around. Go down your apartment building, grocery stores, malls and just everything you’ll need is there. No point getting your own car. Apartments are small compared to other countries so you can see how expensive this city is.

Helena, says: 2023

HK is rated as one of the top cities to do business. It’s just very expensive to live here, but there is a truly efficient mass transport system, low crime rate and great food!! People come from all over the world to work and live here but the locals don’t really speak English but still, somewhat friendly.

Petite Demeyere, says: 2023

Hong kong is a part of PRC. It’s a cosmopolitan city with several nationalities living together. Knowledge of Cantonese will help in settling down easier and faster. Infrastructure is good. Cost of living is high. Houses are very small in area but, home rentals are one of the most expensive in the world.

Hong Kong is unique and international city. Despite it being part of China, many people in Hong Kong can understand English, thus it’s not necessary to learn Chinese. However, it would be beneficial to learn the local language. Hong Kong is also one of the most expensive cities in the world; make sure you are prepared to pay high rents and other high living expenses. Hong Kong is very convenient to travel to other nearby cities within East Asia.

Someone moving to Hong Kong should know about the living condition. Hong Kong is very crowded, most people live in high rise building. You may hear your neighbor shouting at their kids, singing in the shower etc. The rental price is also very expensive, the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is HK$12,000!

Hong Kong is far more expensive than you think. Even looking up “price of living” online can lead you to underestimating how much you’ll spend moving here, renting an apartment, and buying the essentials.

The high cost of living, particularly for housing/accommodation; political uncertainty; pollution mostly driven by factories over the border in China; extreme heat and humidity during summer (May to September); falling use of the English language particularly by younger age groups.

Hong Kong is a very beautiful and global city. You can get around by not learning Chinese, as there are English signs everywhere and the local people can understand English. The taxes are among the lowest in the world. However, the cost of living can be very high. There is always something to do in Hong Kong, you could any activity within an hour’s travel.

Melanie, says: 2020

Our city is a special region of China, where most of residents are fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. We pride in skyscrapers alongside international and authentic cuisines. However, living expenses are rather high, and the current temperature. When moving to Hong Kong, it is imperative to have full research and be able to sustain financially in the long run.

not mind being treated impolitely or that neighbours don’t speak much to one another because Hong Kong people tend not to interact with one another unless they have to. He/she might have to live in a cramped environment without much space to move around and might have to endure high rent. But Hong Kong people are mostly genuine and will offer a helping hand if someone needs it.

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