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Cost of Living and Inflation in Caloocan City, Metro Manila: What do you need to know?

11 local experts

Here's what 11 local experts had to say about prices and the cost of living in Caloocan City, Metro Manila.

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Caloocan City is divided into two parts; the north and south. Both are urban areas. I also live in Southern Caloocan. There are three big malls near South Caloocan; namely; Ayala, Robinson, and SM Fairview. Living here can be expensive, mainly because many commercial buildings are nearby like the malls.

Jasmine, says: 2020

Most people are kind and willing to help you in case you struggle. My country have a lot of places to go, so many beautiful places to visit and it is very cheap. People in my country are very family oriented. Most people in my country are bilingual. most of us speaks in English and it will be easy for you to travel.

Gladys, says: 2020

Caloocan City is the largest city in the Philippines, so most of the products, services, rent, etc. are expensive. if someone wants to move to our city one must have a decent amount of money and also, you do not have to experience the characters of the people there a most of them are hospitable and kind.

Maricor, says: 2020

Our city is not that perfect but this place can offer affordable houses for you to stay. We have also beautiful places here such as parks and malls for you to stroll. People here are also kind and warm. They will help you in case you have concerns. They can give you the best smile, I guarantee that.

Caloocan is one of the populous City in Philippines. There are several places you can visit, and learn different culture. Among other cities, it is the “Motorcycle Capital in the Philippines. “People living there contributes a lot when it comes to tax collections. Many industries were established, and so, the employment rate is higher than other cities within the country.

Caloocan City does not offer much, but access to different cities in Metro Manila is easier there with different terminals all around the city. To be fair, I have not yet explored my city as I tend to explore other cities more but what makes Caloocan a good place is the lesser cost of living expenses and lively atmosphere on every corner. I can guarantee you that a day in Caloocan won’t be as boring as the last city you lived in. Unless you lived in the middle of the state, of course.

Lots of people always say that our place is a good one, considering that the price of houses isn’t that expensive. Flood is almost a stranger to our city, especially around our place. It also has good access to several relevant facilities such as hospitals, groceries, schools and police stations. It is quite good, indeed. I hope one way or another, people see the beauty in it someday.

Caloocan City is in the northern corner of Metropolitan Manila, one of the (if not the most) densely populated cities in the world. If a resident of Caloocan City is considering to apply for a job at the busiest parts of Metro Manila, they should be prepared to set their morning alarm for at least two hours before the start of their shift. This is to avoid so much delay due to traffic. Another option would be to rent a living space to be near their workplace.

Chessy, says: 2020

The people here are friendly. We have a lot of fast food chains where you can eat at very cheap prices.

Here in Caloocan city, many people believe that this is a nostalgically noisy and fast-paced, hustler-filled city in the Philippines. That being said… it’s because traffic usually occurs during the busy days. And you’d probably expect a crowd whenever you’re going to go to a marketplace. You would see different kinds of vendors selling assorted things— like foods, affordable clothes, school or marketing supplies,, etc. Also, early in the morning, expect that there would already be a long line of commuters waiting for the next ride towards to their destination.

Ronric, says: 2020

Someone will move to our city because of the cost of living is very low, While the employment market is very high there are so many opportunities in our city rather than the others and the quality of life is very normal features of neighborhood is great people their are very helpful.

Gwyneth, says: 2020
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