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The COVID-19 pandemic changed every aspect of life, from how we do the most basic things like buy groceries, go to school, and go to work, to what we do for leisure. Gone are the days of spur-of-the-moment vacations and weekends away—and international travel has become exciting for all the wrong reasons.

Virtual tours have been helpful for those bitten by the travel bug. You can go on safari in Africa, take a virtual city tour, visit museums around the world, and even go on a virtual dive. While these tours are great boredom busters and bucket list inspiration, they lack a key ingredient: local knowledge.

When it comes to moving and travel, being equipped with local knowledge can turn a humdrum experience into an amazing adventure. Sure, the landmarks are interesting, but these sites are often crowded, which means no one really enjoys their visit. The bigger problem is that tourist attractions seldom reflect the soul of a city. Paris is more than the Eiffel Tower, and Peru is more than Machu Picchu.

That’s why we created The Crowdsourced Explorer. We want to provide a platform for people all over the world to tell others what people moving to or visiting their cities should know—and for virtual travelers to see what locals think makes their home cities unique. More importantly, we want to give every community a voice, especially those overlooked by tour operators.

Share Your City: Help The Crowdsourced Explorer Community Grow

Please tell us about your city. Take us on a tour of your favorite places, and tell us what makes these places exceptional. Whether it’s something weird and unique—we’re looking at you, Gloucester cheese rollers and South African dung spitters—or simply a beautiful park or outdoor space, tell us about it. We’d love to visit with you (virtually, of course)!

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