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What's weather like in Manama?

six local experts

Does Manama get rain? Snow? Hail? What's summer weather like? Here's what six local experts had to say about weather and precipitation in Manama.

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Weather conditions are mostly hot and humid. On a hot day, temperatures can exceed 46 celsius. Depending on one’s place of origin, other considerations would be culture and religion since Manama is predominantly Muslim. On the plus side, our country is very welcoming.

Hisham, says: 2020

Manama is bustling with activity. The streets exhibit the local culture and art. It is a great opportunity for shoppers looking for a good bargain but make sure to step out in the evening as it is scorching hot during the day. The city is mostly populated by expat workers.

Pranav, says: 2020

Manama is a really crowded place and be ready to pay the high rents here. The rooms here are limited and getting one is a big deal. The climate here is pretty humid and hot and rains once in a year so make. Do consider all this before moving to Manama.

Manama is a nice place; however, the weather can get quite warm and humid in summer. It’s also the capital of Bahrain, and is usually really crowded. You should expect to get stuck in traffic very often if you decide to move to Manama. On the other hand, Manama is in the center of Bahrain and should provide you with easy access to all major areas of the island.

Manama is an extremely humid city. Your clothes stick to your body most of the time. Your glasses fog up the second you step outside. The air feels sticky and dry. The simple act of breathing is exhausting. Since it is hard to walk for extended periods of time, people drive everywhere.

If you plan to move to Manama, you need to know it’s extremely hot in summer. The heat makes it difficult to walk freely without a means of transpo. You also need to keep in mind that it is in an Islamic country and applies the Islamic law.

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