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What's weather like in Lagos?

15 local experts

Does Lagos get rain? Snow? Hail? What's summer weather like? Here's what 15 local experts had to say about weather and precipitation in Lagos.

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The cost of living in Lagos is high. If your office location isn’t near to your residence, then traffic will be a huge concern as residents in Lagos can spend approximately 5 hours in traffic gridlock. It is also necessary to ensure that your abode is thoroughly checked before moving in as flooding is a major concern; furniture could get submerged in water after a heavy downpour if your residential location isn’t high enough. Every other thing makes Lagos one of the best places to live.

Christianah, says: 2020

The diversity you will see in Lagos is astounding. There are many various tribes that live in Lagos and they all have their own language and style of dressing and cooking. There are also many people from different countries that live in Lagos. Lagos is hot there is practically sunshine all through the year. There are many attractions and cultural highlights. Most places are not touristy so you are guaranteed a more local authentic experience.

Omoyeme, says: 2020

Lagos is a bustling city with very friendly people. The weather is usually quite warm most of the year with the rainy season extending from March to October and the dry season from November to February. Lagos is the commercial center of Nigeria.

Korede, says: 2020

Lagos is a city of over 20 million inhabitants. Anyone moving to Lagos must be aware of the chaotic traffic and the shortage of affordable housing. The weather are not so challenging as the climate remains warm year-round. The rainy season may pose a challenge due to the perennial flooding associated with the undeveloped parts of Lagos.

My city is a very populated area, with minimum space. People move to my city because of the vast jobs and attractive pay. In the city center lies a beautiful ocean, that shines brightly under the sun. My city is known for its wild nightlife, amazing music and all round beautiful people.

Oreoluwa, says: 2020

Lagos is modernized and there is also a lot of hustle. It is in the west of Nigeria. There are well equipped schools and marketplaces in Lagos. It is a very sunny and busy place. The roads are well tarred as well. You have to be up and doing to have a stand in Lagos.

Ifunanya, says: 2020

Lagos is a beautiful place. It has great weather and so many attraction that would active for weeks. Lagos is a place with different jobs. Lagos is the most populated state in Nigeria. It is the best state to find places to have fun experiences. Lagos have some of the best restaurants in Nigeria.

You need to be prepared for almost daily rain, especially during this rainy season. Be ready to face unending traffic and keep late hours because of this. There is what we call the “Eyo” festival, this comes up occasionally but you will enjoy yourself.

Olumide, says: 2020

Lagos is a city full of life, with a population of over nine million people. You’re sure to meet one of every kind. The weather is never too hot or cold, but traffic can hold you down at the same spot for hours, even on sundays!. If you rent a house in Lagos it better be on a good road.

Alexander, says: 2020

The person would be amazed, how the individuals are committed to their work and their lifestyle.

Another key thing to take note of is the weather. It’s in West Africa, so during the dry season, the atmosphere tend to be warm but not too hot.

One last thing, the local market is a beautiful place. Whoever gets to visit this region and doesn’t get to see the local market, has missed an awesome adventure.

It is a densely populated city with a high cost of living. It is also known for its high crime rate and social vices. However, it is a city that provides its young minds with a wide range of career options to pick from. As regards the weather, Lagos has moderate rainfall and sunshine.

Oluwatomisin, says: 2020

Lagos is inarguably the heartbeat of Nigeria. Expect frequent gridlock and overpopulation in cinemas and shopping malls. There are a lot of vehicles which amounts to frequent disobedience of traffic rules. The weather is quite good.

Nicole, says: 2020

Lagos is a very busy city so such person should be used to a busy environment, being social will be a plus. at least be good in English speaking, be ready for the harsh sunny whether, and spicy food. If you don’t like clustered houses, the island is recommended rather than the mainland. Finally and most importantly, be prepared for traffic.

Emmanuel, says: 2020

The standard of living in my city is high. My city will be favorable for people who have good paid job. The weather in my city is favorable for people in the tropical region. My city is highly populated and has diverse kind of jobs for people who are not lazy.

Emmanuella, says: 2020

The city is a multicultural place with different tribes and nationalities coming from different parts of the world. There are several beautiful recreation centres and relaxation centers, including beaches. The weather is relatively warm and friendly for your skin type. The food vendors have varieties of food you would desire with beautiful houses around.

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