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Living in Tuguegarao City, Philippines:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

19 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Tuguegarao City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 19 people living in Tuguegarao City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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19 comments on “Tuguegarao City”

It’s a hot pace so i don’t recommend going here if you have a problem regarding this kind of weather. Buti hope those who are adventurous enough would want to go in our place because tuguegarao city or the whole cagayan valley has so much to offer. From the places you can go and relax to the delicacies you can only taste here.

Aedriel, says: 2020

Our city is a very sustainable city. It’s not overly urbanized, hence, you can still enjoy pollution free environment while enjoying essential amenities that you’ll want from an urban city. It’s also a city where locals are friendly. Crime rates are low, cost of living is low, and good jobs are easy to find.

Samantha, says: 2020

Tuguegarao is the hottest city in the Philippines. You would want to buy an air con r air cooler if were here. There are lots of Chinese merchant we see everywhere here. The majority of them sells stuffs for a living. The said city is a small city with lots of tricycle driver driving around the city.

Shienie, says: 2020

Tuguegarao is famous for its delicacy “Pancit Batil Patong”, a noodle recipe cooked with meat, variety of vegetables, and garnished with poached egg, anyone who wishes to visit or the reside in my city should try eating the famous delicacy. The delicacy has been branded as the City’s most distinguishable feature.

Marielle, says: 2020

Someone who wishes to move to my city should know we have the most hospitable and warm people you could ever meet. We have the best tasting native delicacies such as pancit, malagkit and a lot more and above all else, our city offers a peaceful living yet fun way of living.

Sophia, says: 2020

Our city is just simple and we have a lot of warm and hospitable people around. Also we have plenty of amazing tourist attractions to choose from. Our delicacies are simply awesome and delicious. There is plenty of adventure for those who will spend their leisure and vacation at Tuguegarao City.

Precious, says: 2020

He/She should consider the hot weather that our city is experiencing especially during summer. But despite the hot weather we have a very accommodating people. Also, foods are delicious and we have a very nice culture to be discovered. We also have a beautiful places and scenery.

Tuguegarao City is known for having the most high temperature in the Philippines when summer comes. We also have a delicious delicacies that you can try, for example our infamous “Pancit batil patong” we have more than 150 Pansiterias selling pancit. We also have beautiful places like our beloved church “St. Peter and Paul Cathedral” Come to our City and check this places.

Claire, says: 2020

Our city, which is Tuguegarao city is kind of a marvelous place. Not only you would be amazed by the tourist spots but also with the hospitality and kindness of the people. You’ll receive a warm welcome with your neighbors and they’ll treat you as if you already belong with their families.

As a city in a valley, one should consider if they can handle the temperature that we have to deal with here. During summer, temperature may reach 40 degrees Celsius which is unbearable to certain people. It also qualifies city to be at top two hottest place in the Philippines. Despite the high temperature in our city, Tuguegarao City holds numerous festival in which people from different places may find enjoyable.

Our City has a unique and delicious delicacy, which drawn many tourist, called “Pancit Batil Patong”, a noodle dish. If you crave for new, rare, fulfilling and top rated deliciousness, our city has a different version of. Each of these has their characteristic that differ from the other kind of noodle delicacy. Other than not a costly meal, you can find it anywhere within our city.

Our city is well known for pancit, a type of noodle which was adopted from Chinese culture. There are over 100 pancit restaurants you should try. Aside from that, Tuguegarao still practices the use of kalesa. It is one of the few transportations we have. It is a cart which is pulled by a horse.

be aware that this city is known for having the hotter weather throughout the year and that this place is far from the capital of the country but it’s surely peaceful and unpopulated here which can make you enjoy drives and breathtaking views. Imagine what life is like in here, I hope we get to see each other soon.

Raphaella, says: 2020

Our city is known for its various food establishments that serves authentic cuisine. We are known for the noodle dishes, a recipe crafted for generations. People are friendly and helpful to tourist. Tourist spots such as old churches and caves are also found in our city. One cave is known worldwide because it is where the remains of the ancient human is found.

Tuguegarao city is one of the hottest place in our country. It is also considered the business park of all entrepreneurs. This place is awesome because it offers all the basic needs of the people. The people here are very generous, heartwarming, kind and hospitable. If you want to reduce your stress, there are many scenery you can visit.

If you consider moving to our city, always be prepared to have a very light clothes because it is very hot in our city. In fact our city is the hottest place in the country. There are a lot of place you can go. Our city has three major malls, and a wide variety of foods. The best food you fan eat in our city is “Pancit Batil Patong”. You can find pansitan (pancit house) everywhere.

Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, is known the hottest place in the Philippines. Also, its rich in nature. The Callao Cave is known for its +100 steps that will lead you to its wonderful and preserved stones, and in that cave also you can pray because there is an altar located inside. That is just a peek of many adventures you can go.

Tuguegarao has extreme temperatures. As it is near the equator and a tropical country, living in my city will be a bit difficult. It’s too hot when it’s summer, and too cold when it’s winter. If you move in this place, account your readiness to live in such conditions.

Tuguegarao City is the hottest place in the Philippines and it has elaborate Spanish-built churches. Tuguegarao City is the capital of Cagayan and the seat of regional government. The people of the Tuguegarao are sweet and very hospitable.

Kristel, says: 2020

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