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What are transportation options and challenges in Enterprise, Utah?

three local experts

Are there taxis in Enterprise? What about scooters? What are the public transportation options? Here's what three local experts had to say about transportation methods in Enterprise, Utah.

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Enterprise is a safe, trusting, and welcoming community. There is little crime, and most people risk the luxury of leaving their doors and cars unlocked at night. Everyone knows everyone in Enterprise. If you are a newcomer asking for directions, instead of giving you the street address, they may direct you to go to the Trumans’ house and then two houses past the Holts’. From around town, you can discern an extinct, towering volcano in the distance with the letter “E” painted on its peak to symbolize Enterprise.

Astrid, says: 2020

Hunting has become a major sport in Enterprise. People anticipate driving into the forested hills with their four wheelers and trucks to hunt deer, elk, and coyotes. This is such a popular pastime that a one-week school break has been situated to accommodate the hunting season. An additionally well-known activity is to take a trip to the local reservoir. On the way, you travel on a meandering road through scenic, tree-covered mountains. Once you’ve arrived, you can go swimming, boating, and fishing.

Rachel, says: 2020

Citizens can enjoy the view of the mountains from their own backyards. Because of the lack of light pollution, if you venture outside at night, you can clearly discern the Milky Way reaching above the Earth. Nighttimes are silent and peaceful due to the absence of noisy city traffic. In Enterprise, you never need to fret about smog, as the air is always fresh and clean. If you need to run errands, you needn’t travel far; the grocery store, library, post office, and bank are all a walking distance away.

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