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What are transportation options and challenges in Awka, Anambra?

four local experts

Are there taxis in Awka? What about scooters? What are the public transportation options? Here's what four local experts had to say about transportation methods in Awka, Anambra.

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Awka is a small town and the capital of Anambra State. The cost of Living is high from accommodation, transportation and feeding. The percentage of civil servants in the city is 60% to non civil servants. I will always advice anyone moving to Awka to have a Plan B apart from the normal salary like myself. I have layers chicken that always give me a daily income because I sell the eggs on a daily basis.

Nwamaka, says: 2023

Awka is cosmopolitan and anyone moving to the city should know the high cost of living, although there are good jobs to augment the expenses ranging from the civil service to few unskilled works, in addition to that, my city has a well organized transport system, so commuting will be a lot easier if one decide to stay downtown and work in the city center.

Funmilayo, says: 2020

How to effectively use traffic lights and way around the city. and that there are more expensive housing facilities in the main town. He should also know his way around the city market and many other important places in our town. He should also know that my city is known for its prominence in marketing.

Ekezimero, says: 2020

The price of houses for rent or for sale are quite average, one wouldn’t have to spend a lot to acquire a living space. It is a safe place, there are rarely any cases of murder, rape, robbery, and others. The transportation fare however, is quite expensive, and to an extent there is electricity. There is presence of clean water, and the price of groceries and other foodstuff is not so high.

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