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Living in Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

12 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Tiruppur, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 12 people living in Tiruppur what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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12 comments on “Tiruppur”

Our city is located on the banks of Noyyal River and it’s an important trade center in India. Our city is mostly famous for importing and exporting clothes. Our city is also called “textile city”, “knitwear capital of India” and “dollar city”. There are millions of people from various states, districts working in our city.

Ananye, says: 2020

My city is Tirupur. It is a very big industrialistic area where huge business is carried out on the whole year. most people come here to start business and earn their livelihood. This city provides huge employment opportunities to many people. Also the city near to Tirupur is Coimbatore, which is considered dollar city as most of the export business is carried out here. it is known as the “Manchester of South India.”

Prachi, says: 2020

As my city Tirupur is famous in textiles and clothing anyone moving here should have knowledge of textiles and clothings to make a living. My city is pollution free in most of the cases.

Thamarai, says: 2020

I’m living in the city of Tirupur. Tirupur is well known as “knit City” of Tamil Nadu because the primary business is knit apparel manufacturing and export worldwide. Tirupur factories exporting apparel, knitted fabrics about 3000 crore rupees per month. I’m proud to be one in the same business. Almost 500,000 people and working hard in the apparel industry.

Sanjay, says: 2020

Tiruppur is a city re-known for its significant export of garments. It is a rapidly developing city. The government of Tamil Nadu has recognised this and has taken up a project to turn tiruppur into a smart city. Employees from various regions of India, are being employed and given opportunities to adapt to a healthy and a comfortable lifestyle in our city. The climate here is usually very temperamental.

Namrata, says: 2020

the tiruppur city is called by us dollar city. tirupur people are always active. It is have lots of garments export factories. lakhs of lakhs men, women, all type of employees and workers here. all state people are living here. business people are million dollar crores turnover to give government. workers having weekly wages will be get here. that is why we called it is dollar city.

Partha, says: 2020

Tiruppur is known as a cotton city where all the cotton items and the underwears are getting manufactured and being supplied to all the other regions of India and being exported to many foreign countries.

Basically my city is one where a person can live a sustained life even he has income less than 20,000 Indian Rupees. My city is one among the smart city plan initiated by Government of India and it is well connected with road and railways. The city is famous for its textile industry and rank 4th place in Asia for faster development of infrastructure.

Tiruppur is a textile city where every individual can search and start a new life. It is very special for coffee and welcoming people. Respect and dignity is identified in every individual in our city. Various jobs available for various set of people and mainly there is no harmful exhausts over here.

Tiruppur is a city where one could get an employment easily because of the vast textile export companies present which accounts for about more than 90% knitwear exports from India. Besides that, it is a land of cultural diversities because people from other parts of the India come here to pursue their jobs.

Tirupur is a city in the state of Tamil Nadu, India and it is a major textile and knitwear hub of India so a person coming here should know it is an Industrial city that carries large-scale and small-scale industries in the field of knitting and Garments. Also, a funny part of Tirupur is one should be patient in road traffic.

Santhosh, says: 2020

I’m from a where textile business is only found in every corner of the city. Tirupur is the textile capital of India. we can get quality clothes for very cheap rate. It is well developed city where every has a opportunity to start their own businesses despite of textile business.

Soumya, says: 2020

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