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Living in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

48 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Thiruvananthapuram, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 48 people living in Thiruvananthapuram what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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Knowledge of the local language, which is Malayalam or Tamil or Hindi or English. For moving about the city you need to converse with the drivers of Auto-rickshaws, and ask for directions. It would be useful to have a Mobile phone with GPS facility, To pay the expenses you need to have Indian currency in smaller denominations, like Rs.10, 20, 50, or 100.

Nithya, says: 2020

God’s own country, Eco friendly tourism and beaches that would really give some a natural down to earth life. The cost of living in housing, food, education, are cost effective and are in bare minimum up to global standards in urban parts of the city. When it comes to rural areas all these factors comes much more cheaper and healthy since these areas are not that polluted.

Manohar, says: 2020

Thiruvananthapuram is a laid-back city but with enough amenities, and anyone looking to this city must know that this a city known for its relaxed lifestyle. You’d be disappointed if you are someone fond of bustling nightlife. For everything else — from food to movie halls, beaches and a quiet life — Thiruvananthapuram has more than you can hope for.

Likender, says: 2020

It is described as God’s Own Country. Cape Comorin is near to it. It is the capital of Kerala state. Sree Padmanabha temple is a famous pilgrim centre. Kovalam, the renowned tourist beach is in this city. The cost of life is moderate here. People live in religious amity. It has a pleasant weather throughout the year. People who visit here prefer to settle down here forever.

Dushyant, says: 2020

Trivandrum is a wonderful mix of urban delights and folksy charm. One can still find coconut trees in front of houses providing canopy and coconuts, massive paddy fields, lakes brimming with small fish and lush farmlands. Together with this, there is always the progressive trend with many multinational companies finding Trivandrum to be a hub for their operations. Fancy restaurants and local ‘thattukada’ all add to the charm and splendour of this land of dreams in the south of God’s own country.

Jerusha, says: 2020

If anyone moves to Thiruvananthapuram, he should know the city is flooded with traffic most of the time and hence commuting is a bit slower. Therefore using two-wheeler, rather than a four-wheeler is good He should also consider the cost of living in the city with that on the outskirts.

Dikshita, says: 2020

Formerly known as Trivandrum, Thiruvananthapuram is the capital of the southern Indian state of Kerala. Wide range of opportunities reside here. It host Asia’s first IT park which is Technopark and it provides tremendous jobs. ‘The charming town serves as the getaway to beaches, lush hills, backwaters, wildlife sanctuaries, and islands.

The cost of living in Thiruvananthapuram is very low when compared to neighboring cities. Public transportation is quite good and there is relatively low pollution. The major problem you are going to face is finding accommodations, as they are limited in the downtown, but you can find a lot on the outer circle of the city.

Virugama, says: 2020

Trivandrum is in the heart of Kerala which is god’s own country. It is filled with greenery and beaches. It also has an international airport. The facilities available are world class including hospitals and schooling. Public amenities are well maintained and the only thing lacking here is pubs. There is a noticeable scarcity of nightlife. Here most of us spend our nights watching a movie or eating out. Do come and live here; the people are rich in hospitality.

Sanjay, says: 2020

Thiruvananthapuram is the capital of Kerala, a state famously known as the ‘God’s Own Country’. if somebody moves to this city, they should embrace themselves for a peaceful and wonderful living environment. Some of the perks of living in this city are the minimal cost of living, beautiful sea, lush greenery, perfect accessibility (international airport, seaport, central train station), etc. This city has also been ranked as ‘One of the perfect cities to live in’ by many international surveys and studies. start packing your bags.

Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala, is a bustling center for commerce and governance. The cost of living is considerably below other Indian cities. The city is anticipated to receive increased significance in the future; Thanks to the upcoming International harbor project, which will make Trivandrum as important as Mumbai to India’s maritime undertakings of commerce and naval defence.

Nahera, says: 2020

Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala, one of the two southernmost states of India. Climate is moderate with heavy rainfall during June to September. Secular state where people of all religions coexist peacefully. There exists a wide range of educational institutions from pre-school to professional colleges level to choose from. Travel is convenient and comfortable by public and private transport and very good roads. International airport is also in the city.

Krishna, says: 2020

Trivandrum is well-known for its pocket roads in addition to the wide and well-paved streets. Traffic has never been a topic of concern for inhabitants of this tier-two city. In fact, a newcomer can look forward to a welcoming city with lots of greenery and unpolluted air. it is also the capital of the state with all amenities.

Gajalya, says: 2020

Trivandrum is the capital of the state of Kerala which is God’s own country. Kerala is the state with the highest literacy rate and lowest infant mortality rate in India. Trivandrum has all the modern facilities. The climate is excellent throughout the year without any extremes. You can get very good accommodation at reasonable rates within the city limits. Transportation within the city is hassle-free.

Yamini, says: 2020

The city Trivandrum is the capital of the state. It’s known as the God’s own country. It’s filled with the blend of both traditional and modern cultures. The city’s infrastructure strengths its beauty a level higher. People in this city are so lucky and blessed as there are wide varieties of nature’s beauty and human intelligence.

Rachna, says: 2020

Trivandrum is the capital of the Indian state Kerala. It is the most populous city in Kerala. The natives lives in this city has good cultural attitude and mostly helping mentality. It is mainly a city of all natural beauties mainly the beaches etc. The international vizhinjam harbor is in this city.

Balasubramani, says: 2020

Thiruvananthapuram, being the capital of Kerala, is the apex seat of administration. Evidently, most of the important administrative departments are in the city. The city is well-connected from all regions of the country as it has a railway station with all modern amenities and an international airport. The cost of living is affordable when compared to Cochin, the largest city in the State.

Bhoumik, says: 2020

A new person moving here should know the weather is tropical in nature. Knowledge to the native tongue, which is Malayalam, will help them in having a conversation with the locals. The culture of the city is a mixture of urban and rural lifestyles. The natives are friendly and open to all notwithstanding the regional or linguistic barriers.

Harshini, says: 2020

Trivandrum is a beautiful city in the midst of greenery. It is a city in Kerala which is named as God’s own country. The scenic beauty and marvellous backwater really prove the title given to the state. Other nearby attractions of the city are Kovalam beach, Shangumugham beach, and Ponmudi hills. I’m proud to be a part of this city.

Mrinal, says: 2020

Moving to Thiruvananthapuram, or more fondly known as Trivandrum, is a great decision. However, something to be aware of is the unpredictable climate here; one second you could be sunbathing at the beach, and the next, you’d be drenched head to toe in seasonal rains. The culturally flourishing city is guaranteed to sweep you off your feet.

Thiruvananthapuram is the capital of Kerala, a southern state in India. Kovalam, the famous tourist beach is located here. It’s climate is very congenial for settling down. All varieties of food are available. Wedged between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, it is rightly known as the God’s Own Country. Cape Comorin (Kanya Kumari) is just 60 km from the city.

Saanvi, says: 2020

Thiruvananthapuram is one of the beautiful cities in Kerala. Here we have the largest temple, by wealth. The city was once known by the name of a god, Ananthapadmanabha. Tourists visit this city often. Kanyakumari is 30 kilometres from my city.

Preeti, says: 2020

Trivandrum is my city, also known as Ananthapuri. It is busy city with all kinds of amenities. It is the capital of Kerala. It is a city of old tradition and culture. It is known for famous forts, Art Museum, it’s geographic diversity, traditional tempes, etc. It is adjudged to be the best city.

Your life is going to be amazing here but, be careful with the roads and with the culture, which has been followed for many years. It is the state capital, the infrastructure here is great compared to other cities and basic facilities like water and electricity supply.

Shashwat, says: 2020

When someone moving here I would like to inform about the housing cost. The quality of life in my city. The jobs provided in my city. The cost of living in my city for his basic needs like food and other things. The rules that he has to obey in my city. The future of neighborhood that in my city.

Preethi, says: 2020

Thiruvananthapuram is the capital of Kerala. It is the most active and populated city in the state. The International Airport and railway station makes it more accessible. Several tourist destinations make the city more attractive and enjoyable. The Zoological park, Priyadarshini museum and Napier museum provides entertainment and education. Places like Ponmudi hill station, Kovalam Beach gives the best relaxation.

Sushanth, says: 2020

Trivandrum is rich enough with scenic beauty and historical spots. I highly recommend to reside near to beach side or lake sides. The city is cheaper considering to other metropolitan cities in India. Palaces and temples are the main attraction for tourists who prefer for leisure or to relocate. The culture and the diversity is at its best.

Sudheer, says: 2020

Cost of living is less when compared to other states in Kerala. And place with very good public facilities. Trivandrum is the knowledge capital of the Kerala and a home place for different culture from India. The housing market is also cheap compared to other capital cities. Because of its proximity to the sea, the climate of Trivandrum is tropical.

Trivandrum is a beautiful place. It is the capital of Kerala. You can find many jobs here. But traffic is too much in this city. All the ministers of the state reside here. Many tourists are attracted to this place. Here you can see Kovalam, secretariat, museum, zoo, etc.

Tanmayee, says: 2020

The city is the capital of the state. The city has numerous places that can be visited, from beaches to zoo, from shopping malls to theaters we have it all. We celebrate every festivals and the biggest and the best is the Onam, which is celebrated for 10 days.

The city is fully filled with lots of benefits to a person who is ready to migrate. The city has everything you’ll be in need. We’ve colleges, shopping malls, museums, galleries, safari parks, airports beaches etc everything you name it. The climatic conditions of our City is the best in the country so it’ll be great decision if you’re planning to migrate to my City.

Bhavya, says: 2020

Thiruvananthapuram is a small town in the southernmost part of Kerala. Beautiful and quiet, the town will offer you laid back experience, especially if you are from a big city. However, the quality of drinking water could be a worry. travelers should pay attention to what they drink and eat here. Moving around the town is not difficult because public transportation is cheap.

Amritha, says: 2020

Trivandrum is a beautiful city with a lot of amazing places. The Padmanabha Swamy temple is the prime landmark of our city. There are also various beaches and hill stations which provide excellent views. Another remarkable aspect of my city is the cuisine with many vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Preethi, says: 2020

Thiruvananthapuram, being in the southernmost part of Kerala, is well known for its beaches. Being a city in the tropical region, Thiruvananthapuram has a very pleasant climate. The population in Thiruvananthapuram is less compared to other cities in India. This accounts for less pollution as well which makes Thiruvananthapuram a comfortable city.

Devnandan, says: 2020

Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala. It is a major tourist centre and notable academic and research hub. It is an ancient region with trading traditions. The city is placed on the west coast of India and is bounded by the Lakshadweep Sea to its west and the western ghats to Thiruvananthapuram’s East.

Barathraj, says: 2020

Thiruvananthapuram is a part of “God’s Own Country”, which very well is justified by the playful green coconut trees, among which lies the well known richest temple with a godly presence seen to be laying on his back comfortably, enjoying all that is around him. While beauty here can relax your nerves, its best to be prepared for the humidity that hits often along with the settling winds.

Debashish, says: 2020

If the person moving is a non keralite he should know most people in my city doesn’t speak English. he should know about the rules of public transport system, the culture of people and the food habits. it may feel little difficult to live here first but it’s a good place. stay happy, stay safe.

Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala, known as God’s own country. Trivandrum International Airport, the upcoming Vizhinjam harbour, Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple, wide road network and malls make Trivandrum a good tourist destination. There are plenty beaches and resorts as well. The good hearted natives and delicious cuisines are so extraordinary that no tourist can ever forget. Trivandrum will make you feel at home.

Other than being the capital of God’s own country, Trivandrum is also known some of the worlds most astounding monuments. The Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple is a direct representation on what Kerala as a state has to offer in terms of heritage. The breathtaking landscape of this city is something that will always be able to capture your attention and never recede your interest towards this marvelous capital that is Trivandrum.

Sruthi, says: 2020

Trivandrum is one of the most scenic places in Kerala. Nature is found at it’s best here. One of the few places in India where authenticity of traditions and culture still prevail in their truest forms. Anybody visiting Trivandrum will fall in love with this place.

Jessica, says: 2020

Thiruvananthapuram is the capital of Kerala. And the city is gifted with so much to see. As we move from the outskirts to the inner there are a lot interesting places to be noted. We have our padmanabha swamy temple, the kowdiar palace, the zoo, shangumugham beach, etc etc. Anybody can choose thiruvananthapuram without any regrets as their tour spot.

Vinita, says: 2020

Trivandrum being the capital of Kerala state harness a great diversity in culture due to presence of government offices with people from different parts of the state. it is important to have a respect to different cultures. One can feel a difference in taste of the cuisines as it is a coastal city. It is difficult to find a rented house as the population density is high. Facilities like transport, schools, healthcare services etc. are excellent and meet global standards.

Rajagopalan, says: 2020

This is the capital of the state. The rent and land price here is extremely high. If you are identified as a non native there is big chance to get scammed. You should have a grasp of normal situation here. Act like you know you are being robbed or as if you had been here before. It will help to a certain extend in dealing with people who are not genuine.

Akshay, says: 2020

Thiruvananthapuram is a beautiful city with the best weather all the year long. It has many temples, churches and mosques and is famous for its history and culture. Now Thiruvananthapuram is also excelling in the field of IT by bringing more opportunities into this field in the city itself. Thiruvananthapuram being the capital of the state is also known for its healthcare services.

Thiruvananthapuram is famous for its infrastructure development. The famous Padmanabha Swamy Temple is in my city. It is renowned for its urban culture. Beemapally, Kovalam Beach, Azhimala Temple etc are in my city. Trivandrum is renowned in history for its monuments like Kowdiar Palace, Kanakakunnu Palace, Kuthiramalika, Museum, Vizhinjam Harbour, Shanghumukham Beach, Secretariat, Palayam Juma Masjid. It is a city famous for its diversity. Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala.

Sandeep, says: 2020

Thiruvananthapuram is my favorite city. its God’s own country and well-developed areas in the state. kovalam is a famous tourist place in the city. padmanabha temple in the city of Trivandrum. It is a world-famous temple in the city. Kerala is a god’s own country. The famous city of god is Trivandrum city.

Vikasini, says: 2020

Know Sri Padmanabha temple, the richest temple in the world with a treasure consisting of jewels, gems and gold dating back over thousands of years. They should also be aware that trivandrum is the capital of the district and has all the administrative body offices located there. They should mostcheck out the natural beach islands as well.

Some main reasons to move to Thiruvananthapuram are the moderate climate, inexpensive food the is high quality and spans a wide variety, quality education with different schools and colleges, rich heritage, proper healthcare, major tourist spots, an international airport, railways and roadways, easy life, and convenient accommodation, etc.

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