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Living in Thane, Maharashtra:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

38 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Thane, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 38 people living in Thane what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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If you are moving to Thane (Maharashtra, India), you should know that many residents of Mumbai, the metro city, are moving to the adjacent city Thane due to its remarkable connectivity, transportation, open spaces, lakes, cleanliness (at present, a bit of traffic jams due to metro work for 2/3 hours in the evening), and also a variety of restaurants all over Thane.

Thane City is the capital of Thane district, it’s so adjoining to Mumbai that it is considered Mumbai by most of the residents. Commuting to Mumbai is easy and convenient and has comparatively more open spaces and low cost of living in Thane vis a vis Mumbai. It has few malls. Viviana Korum R Mall to name a few. Hospitals, and good commercial touch points for manufacturing products for industrial and chemicals applications. It is about 1 hour drive distance from Mumbai Airport and Mumbai Central Railway Station. Overall a decent livable place for all range of public – lower to higher income categories.

Anyone considering moving to Thane must be already aware that it is a wonderful city with beautiful gardens and lakes. In fact, it is known as the “city of lakes!” Several roads are lined with trees on either sides, giving them a beautiful appearance, along with the much-needed shade and a certain degree of coolness. Thane is the best city, with the right blend of rural and urban features.

Thane is called as ‘The city of lakes.’ It is a great place for tourist attractions. It is a very clean city. It has great infrastructure and transportation services. You can easily access to buses, local trains and reach to the destination point. One should really think of moving in a beautiful city such as Thane.

Patrick, says: 2020

Thane city is known for its lakes. It is in fact known as a ‘City of Lakes.’It is also pollution free. In spite of being a suburb, it has all the modern facilities of a metro city.It has one of the most famous picnic spots i.e., the Upvan lake. People are very friendly and cooperative.

Thane is attached to Mumbai and is part of it. It is a city of lakes. Many families from suburbs are moving to Thane city since it is not very expensive to stay here compared to Mumbai. Many good builders are starting big projects in thane with good amenities for residential settlement.

Prachi, says: 2020

Thane is known a the lake city. You will find lots of small lakes, where you can stroll. Not to mention the specific street food which you can get till late at night. Thane is also bestowed with beautiful Kanheri hills which share a border with Rajiv Gandhi National Park.

Glaphyra, says: 2020

Thane is a city which has a lot of ancient cultural heritages. Now it has become a place for cheaper accommodation compared to the neighbouring sister city of Mumbai. It has all modern amenities when compared with Mumbai. better planning has evolved a more livable experience here. People sell their houses in Mumbai to settle here.

Anshuman, says: 2020

Thane is a populous city located north of Greater Mumbai. It has great connectivity to the entire Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Every day, 1,000s commute from Thane to Mumbai city for work and school. All amenities of modern urban life are available here. The climate is hot and humid year-round.

Know how frantic and fast-paced life in Mumbai is. It is not for someone who prefers a relaxed life. One should also be comfortable with public transport. It is also important to note that Mumbai is a fiercely capitalistic and competitive environment. One must be strong, hardworking, and ready for challenges they might face here.

Grusha, says: 2020

this is city with a lot of population. all people care about, is survival. The lifestyle is fast, and there is no place for someone who is lazy or laid back. Do-or-die, is the approach people have here. But overall, the city is beautiful, surrounded by nature and people here are helpful too.

Thane is the City of Lakes. Once you set foot at its railway station, it proudly proclaims it as such. The very first lake is just a hop and skip away from the railway station. It is called Talao Pali. It features a magnificent statue of the famous Maratha Warrior King astride a huge horse with a drawn sword. People also worship a temple there and huge swarms of devotees throng to the lake to bid farewell to the elephant god, Ganesha. Many such lakes big and small abound in Thane.

Chirag, says: 2020

Be hard working and smart enough to survive in a city like Mumbai. He should also have a good idea about the local trains, as it is the lifeline of the city, and is a convenient mode of transport for travelling in a big city like Mumbai.

The historical importance of the city. How much the city is distanced from the main city i.e., Mumbai. The person should know the importance of the city in terms of education. The city is famous about its name as City of Lake. The importance of this city in terms of green zone area.

Harpreet, says: 2020

Thane is a great city for anyone looking for work opportunities, recreational spots, and a very good standard of living.

There is lot the city offers for those interested in recreational activities : drama theaters, sports grounds, lakes, malls, gardens etc.

The city experiences three main seasons : summer, monsoon, and winter. Summer lasts from February to June. Monsoon begins late July and lasts till September or even October in recent years. Winter is short and lasts only for a couple of months – beginning December and ending in January.

Priyanka, says: 2020

Thane is full of life. It is about 30-40 km from the main city of Mumbai. It has every essential commodity for a person to sustain a normal life. It is a place which is nearest to the busiest city and nearest to the famous and peaceful place called Matheran hill station which will give both lives of rush and calm.

Thane, one of the city finest city in India, which has high cost of living and some water logging problems in heavy rains. So, a person moving to this city should be cautious while choosing place of living in this city as it will be very difficult (nearly impossible) to travel long distance in rainy season.

Shaziya, says: 2020

Thane is well known for its lake, which is why is it also known as the city of lakes. The beach is only an hour’s drive away for anyone to enjoy the sun and salt in the air. Being an urban civilization, it’s full of skyscrapers and the view from top of them is exquisite.

Thane has a very good transportation system. It is very well connected to the large metropolis, Mumbai. It is a designated Smart City and has free WiFi across the city. Known as the City of Lakes, Thane has a lot of water bodies and greenery do ted all across the city making it a very green city.

Preetha, says: 2020

Thane is a developing city. It still lacks some amount of malls, metropolitan shops that a person may find in a developed city. The person may also find some issues with proper sewage disposal and water management depending which region they have chosen to live in from the city. Other than that, there are no issues.

Abhilash, says: 2020

Thane is a blend of concrete jungles and numerous places for retail therapy. The people here are thus gladly kind and satiated with their lives and hence pursue time in interacting with each other. Communities here involve a vast spread across demographics which help to maintain a feeling of unison and individuality within my city making it very easily accessible for a new resident.

Shivani, says: 2020

Thane is he City of lakes in here with all kinds of people from all backgrounds residing here. You could get along with anyone if you are interested in learning the local language as it would help you for a longer time by helping establishing rapport with all kinds of people here.

Pragati, says: 2020

It is a very well planned city and well connected to the Mumbai city via roadways and railways with a huge population and scenic views from beaches nearby and hills too. It offers quite a few places of recreation such as Gorai beach and Uttan beach and also Asia’s largest amusement park–Essel World.

The city is amazing. It is a perfect amalgamation of greenery alongside the chaos of an urban area. One can find fascinating eateries for the foodies. There are several areas which are considered ideal for residential purpose. The city has schools which provide quality education. There are lakes which add up to the beauty of this city.

Senxer, says: 2020

Mumbai is super crowded. Traveling in our local trains and buses is no joke. Going to work in such overcrowded trains can be pretty annoying. It would be great if you lived closer to your workplace. However, Mumbai is not just about the crowd. Mumbai has the best street food I have ever had. Going for a late night drive to Marine lines is pretty cool too. If you don’t mind the hustle, Mumbai is a great place.

Siddik, says: 2020

Thane is a city of seven lakes. It is near to Mumbai and is famous for its greenery and food. Thane connects all the three parts of the Mumbai and suburbs, making it easier to ply to any part of the maximum city. Thane has the best nightlife after Mumbai.

Thane the city full of greenery and beautiful Lakes, beaches, etc. There are many famous spots in Thane where people can hang out with their loved ones. Thane is also very popular for food. Mainly the street food is tasty.

Sameer, says: 2020

Thane is the City of Lakes what with having almost ten to fifteen lakes spread across the city. Thane unlike its neighbour Mumbai has the perfect blend of old with the new. Trees co-exist with humans in harmony. A person moving to Thane would want for virtually nothing.

Ramanathan, says: 2020

Mumbai is a city of more than 20 million living in, under, and on top of building, slums dwellings, tarpaulin tents, temples, bridges, and in one case, a burial ground. The city is one of the world’s crowded, and have world’s expensive real estate.

Vanitha, says: 2020

Thane is the nearest city to travel near Mumbai. It is also very cheap city next to Mumbai. It’s one of the best living suburb of Mumbai. Many types of transportation can be availed from my city. People’s are very friendly and atmosphere is very pleasant to stay. It’s also very easy to travel around city.

Mariam, says: 2020

Thane is a city just outside Mumbai, in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. It’s known as the ‘City of Lakes’, and it’s more than 30 lakes include tree-lined Upvan Lake, a popular recreational spot. Beside Talao Pali Lake, Kopineshwar Mandir is an old, domed Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. To the west, leopards, monkeys and parakeets inhabit the teak forest and bamboo groves of Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

Rajesh, says: 2020

Thane is very good city. Tane is known for its lakes and Thane called lake city. For your enjoyment there is many types of malls, food counters and more and the best part is thane has nightlife also. Thane west is the best part.

Harika, says: 2020

The roads are crowded, the buses are crowded and train are overcrowded. you will have to get used of it. Food will be to spicy and especially avoid eating beef or pork openly. People here are trustworthy so you can ask for help without any hesitation. People here are interested in asking personal stuff so be ready to used of it.

Someone willing to move to this city should first consider the travel time means the amount of time which is required to travel from their area of residence to their particular job location. As the city is quite crowded, so is better we should first know how much time it will take to reach the job location. Then according to that we should rent or buy an apartment in his city.

To reach one must arrive at Thane station in Mumbai a city that Never Sleeps. It is easy for any person to reach at Thane either by Train or Taxi. As it is in the mid of Mumbai. There are certain famous Shops which helps anyone to reach there soon.

I have so many things to say about my city. One can get everything easily they want. My city is beautiful and pollution free. one can never experience noise pollution here. it’s really peaceful. in fact not less than a Heaven. people are so nice and helpful. this city is surrounded by mountains and hills.

Rashmita, says: 2020

It is a closer to the city called Mumbai, which is India’s financial capital. People work in Mumbai and stay in Thane. Thane has some of biggest land parcels and most of which is still untapped by a developers. The first local train which started from Mumbai was destined for Thane. Commuting to Mumbai or any other parts of Maharashtra is much easier from Thane, by any means of transport. The cost of living is as high as Mumbai.

Harmandeep, says: 2020

Thane city is full of chaos amidst beautiful people. This city comprises of seven lakes and is therefore called ‘City of Lakes’. Thane city is adjacent to Mumbai City and is one of the largest cities in Maharashtra state. One must for sure visit the malls, cafeterias and gaming zones when in Thane.

Anyone moving to Thane should know traffic it adores but at the same time the people here are friendly. One can easily find localities which fits in their budget. One can find best schools, hospitals in their vicinity. It also has entertainment options like cinema theatres, amusement parks etc. Majority people here are Maharashtrians and Marathi, Hindi and English are widely spoken languages.

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