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Taguig City is one the most well-known cities in the region, being continually refreshed with innovations such as, High Street, One Bonifacio, SM Aura and more. This city, known for its sleek designs and well maintained streets also offers a luxurious lifestyle throughout a wide range of residencies that provide not only comfort, but safety and convenience.

Taguig City is a first-class highly urbanized city in Metro Manila. Taguig is on the western shore of Laguna de Bay. Taguig City is home to several prestigious international schools which provide international education to Metro Manila residents, such as the British School Manila, Everest Academy Manila International School Manila, and Manila Japanese School, which are all in the University Parkway of Bonifacio Global City.

Taguig City is one of the business centers of the Philippines. More business establishments are rising and luxurious residences are built. Taguig City was a province before and now it’s a well-known city in Metro Manila. A lot of attractions and tourist spots are in my city.

Keisey, says: 2020

Living in Taguig is so fun, we have a lot of malls and parks. Most people here are kind and hospitable, and you know what? The apartments here are cheap so you don’t have to spend a lot of money moving here.

Alyzza, says: 2020

Taguig is known for its clean environment and good governance of its leaders. The people in the city are well-mannered, strictly follow the city’s rules, and they will welcome you wholeheartedly, as you will be part of their community. Taguig is known in every part of Metro Manila, as it is the hometown of famous or well-known personalities and artists.

Simone, says: 2020

Living in taguig has a good opportunity for work. Many of the companies in Bonifacio Global City are popular and have good credit. In terms of exploring the city, the first to consider is that even if you are in the middle of the city there’s this we can call an oasis, a place you can take a break.

Amasay, says: 2020

Taguig City, Philippines, is one of the business districts in Metro Manila. It is near the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. This place is like a haven for Condominiums, as there are plenty of them erected in this city. Offices of foreign companies are usually cemented in this busy place, together with local banks and offices.

Jenica, says: 2020

Taguig City, Philippines, is one of the busiest and most visited spots across Metro Manila. A number of condominium units are in the city, a well as foreign and local company buildings next to each other. If you are looking for a BPO, IT, ERP, or banking companies, then Taguig City is the spot for you. It is also near the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, so you will never be late in your flights. If you have a tight budget, and would want a cheaper place to rent, Taguig City also offers a lot of apartments and houses that will surely suit your capacity.

Czarina, says: 2020

Taguig is set to be the next central business district in Metro Manila. Although it is a big city with a lot of hustle and bustle, you would still find it as a great place and work with. The city itself was designed to ensure living in comfort and security. The city’s design also do not compromise the environmental element. You can still see a lot of trees and idea open spaces despite a lot of towering buildings.

Michaela, says: 2020

Giving free and quality education is the main project of Taguig. Almost all of residents of the city enjoy the privilege of going to school without worrying about tuition fees, school supplies and allowance because they are all provided by the City of Taguig. in Taguig, you can rest assured that your dreams are within the reach of your hands.

Catherine, says: 2020

Consider the cost of living when you consider moving here. The food and accomodation in this city are considered to be the highest in the entire region. Research on these things is encouraged to avoid homelessness, poverty, and hunger. If possible, you can find someone to share your expenses with.

Taguig City where I reside is making a very beautiful progress. In terms of its economy and business opportunities many have chosen to stay within this place. I have seen how it slowly but surely transform into a very wonderful city. It is accessible to most of the other major cities in NCR. That is why most of the tourist chose to stay within our city whenever they come into our country.

Wilmalyn, says: 2020

Taguig City was one of the cities most people loves to move-in. It is a city that starting to rise as many companies are now residing in Bonifacio Global, which is part of the said city. There are also a lot of new and affordable condominiums and apartment if you are moving here. I don’t want to talk about traffic since every city in NCR has a crazy traffic.

Taguig City is a booming city. It used to be a vast empty land, which was not one of the top cities in the Philippines. However, in the past few years, development has been rapid with office buildings and residential condominiums sprouting in its landscape. Its close proximity to the business district was also in its favor. This city is one of the hippest addresses in the country.

Shairama, says: 2020

The City of Taguig is famous for a lot of things, one of which is it’s world-class hopia, these hopias are so good that their even exported to the other parts of the country, so if you were moving here, then it would certainly do you well to look forward to that.

The City of Taguig offers a lot of things. However, one thing to point out is the small living spaces. Anyone who wishes to move here should consider the cramped living spaces, since Taguig city is one of the more condensed area in the Philippines. One thing to look forward to though, is the amiable and friendly people. TaguigeƱos are one of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Everyone here is accommodating and kind. kindness begets kindness, so you should also reciprocate their kindness.

Taguig is a very big and beautiful city. It contains the Bonifacio Global City (popularly known simply as BGC), Metro Manila’s second most important business district and a major tourism, shopping, dining and entertainment destination. Other attractions include the Manila American Cemetery and the affluent neighbourhood of McKinley Hill.

Norene, says: 2020

Taguig is a very good place as it is very close to most of the well-known supermarkets and offices in the metro. Taguig is also a place where education is at its finest. Taguig is also where most of the big banks are established where you can pay and send your bills payments to when your due date is near.

Natassja, says: 2020

Someone should visit my city because, there are a lot of attractions most especially around Bonifacio Global City. This is the center of nightlife around the area. You can also visit the Venice Piazza at McKinley West. You’re going to love the place, ambiance and most especially the food. You can also find a mixture of different cultures in this area.

Rent is quite expensive especially if you opt to stay in a relatively comfortable and accessible neighborhood. Most people in the central part of the city work in BPOs, banks, and firms. Although private schools are affordable, we have some public schools with quality education just as good with access to various national scholarships.

Kimberly, says: 2020

Taguig is one of the strongest central business districts in the country. One of the stock exchange offices is in this city, an evident of its strong position in the trade market. Upscale malls are also available to delight tourists, businessmen and families. Airport distance is also one of the city’s selling point among new foreign visitors, for it only takes between 10-15 minutes.

Taguig City is a highly urbanized city in Metro Manila. It is a delightful place because it consists of affordable houses to live in and business districts and malls. On of the main highlights of Taguig City is Bonifacio Global City which is one of the major business districts and enjoyable places.

Jeremi, says: 2020

cost of living is the main factor. Be sure that your work is located within the city also. Make sure that you have a car or motorcycle so that you can reach your work location very fast. There are also some beautiful places to visit in our city. Lots of malls and parks also.

Eleanor, says: 2020

He/She must expect heavy traffics and be patient enough with the surroundings. The city is convenient on providing primary necessities including those things that are not easy to find with other places. Always be observant on everything, because there are so many people. People are so friendly and easy to get along with.

Glycell, says: 2020

Taguig is one of the high class areas in Metro Manila. In the heart of Taguig, Bonifacio Global City is the best place to visit and live too. It has four prime malls with the best restaurants and bars within arms reach.

Taguig City is one of the most beautiful places in Metro Manila. It is known to have the largest military base in country. The area is bustling with locals from all over Metro Manila, working in the area’s call centers during the day, and strolling around the Bonifacio High Street or shopping at the lively Market! Market!

Someone who considered moving here should know perks of being a Taguigeno. Students residing in our city are offered on free education while their parents are catered for livelihood projects to help them sustain their daily needs. living in Taguig is great and worth-trying.

Rachelle, says: 2020

Taguig City is in the east of Metro Manila, Philippines. It is one of the most populated city in the National Capital Region. It has a lot of places where people could spend their leisure time. Most of the foreigners enjoy the city because of it’s very inviting, vibrant and modern feel and features.

Alfonso, says: 2020

Our city is big with a lot of structures and buildings. Our City is in-demand for people who work in an industry such as a call center. Also, our City is crowded because of the large population of people living there. Traffic can be encounter anywhere. Transportation will also be a little bit harder.

Taguig City has a good Food Restaurants and Beautiful Malls. There is also great outdoor activities you need to discover and the City is clean and organized. People live here are also friendly. City has great Hangout clubs or restaurants and environment friendly. The City also implement the no plastic policy in Fast Food Chains.

Jerald, says: 2020

Taguig City is a well known place. Many people have moved here because it’s convenient for them. The malls are just a kilometer away, the hardware, the fast food chains. It is all here, bu expect that just like moving to other places, there pros and cons the negative side here is that expect that Taguig City is a very noisy place.

Fatima, says: 2020

Taguig is part of Metro Manila. It is a 1st class highly urbanized city. Taguig contains the Bonifacio Global City (popularly known simply as BGC), Metro Manila’s second most important business district and a major tourism, shopping, dining and entertainment destination.

Taguig is a commercialized city. It has tall buildings and establishments which greatly contributes to the taxes. Most of the streets have food stalls where you can buy foods. Fort Bonifacio is the city’s pride. This is the place where large malls and shopping centers are located. In fact, SM Aura which is one of the most expensive malls is at the city.

To someone moving to the city should know directions or know how to navigate using digital maps, he/she should also look for a place prior to moving in because it can be difficult to find in such areas. to someone moving to the city which has a different speaking language, he/she should learn the basics of our dialect.

Taguig City may not be the best city in Metro Manila, but there are a lot of beautiful places here. you can also find a job easily especially in BPO industry. There are also a lot of bars and restaurant that you can hangout with your friends or families.

Hannah, says: 2020

Before moving to Taguig, they should know the place they plan on moving to is one that requires much needed caution when walking at night as there are a fair amount of alleyways that are dark and narrow enough to catch you by surprise if you’re not careful enough.

Gladys, says: 2020

Taguig City is one of the best cities in Metro Manila. It has an urbanized and ruralized state. It has know for its balut, an egg which has a unhatched chicken on it. It is also famous in Malls, just like the Mckinley, BGC, and SM Aura. It has also a picturesque view in which you can see the Laguna de Bay.

Hannah, says: 2020

Taguig City is known for its huge development with regards to education. Mainly, the city focuses on improving and making the student’s life easier. The government gives free school supplies and provide scholarship to ease the life of every student. Taguig’s level of education can be considered as high quality because of the results they got from different exams like NAT. Students from different places also move to Taguig because of the opportunities given and because they believe that this city provides nothing but the best.

Joshua, says: 2020

Taguig City is an ideal choice if you are looking to move near business centers and shopping malls. A perfect place to indulge your inner foodie as it is also surrounded with numerous restaurants which offer a variety of delicious cuisines. Immerse yourself into culture and history as you visit well-known attractions.

Living in the BGC area, particularly McKinley Hill, is quite expensive. One needs to consider these things: budget, distance to the workplace, convenience, and safety. I feel content living in this community because all of these considerations are addressed, giving me more time for myself because I don’t need to commute daily just to get to work on time.

It’s a great pleasure to consider our city. Our Local Government has features like a New York. View Bonifacio Global City, one of the top business centers of the country. We also have a Venice-themed mall where in you will feel the aesthetic of Venice in Italy. We also have a delicious delicacy called Balut. Our city also offers many opportunities. We have a exemplary scholarship programs from the primary level up to the Graduate or the Post Baccalaureate Level and many job openings because we are currently developing the next business center in the country. There are also historical places wherein you can have a side trips and lastly, we have the easiest access to all major roads in the country.

Lindsey, says: 2020

our city tops the list of the best cities in terms of health and education in the country. Every citizen in this city has the opportunity to receive a free access to college education. Some qualified students are even given a monthly allowance on top of the free uniforms. The elderly are also being taken cared of by being given free vitamins and medications.

Dhonalyn, says: 2020

Our City is known for a lot of things. We are known to be one of the Greenest City in the National Capital Region. You will also find here the well known “Hopia” if you are ready for a food adventure we are also known for the famous “Balot” in the Philippines. And we also have here the well known Bonifacio Global City or know as BGC.

I suggest Bonifacio Global City because of the good ambiance. You can select from a wide range of restaurants or bars to hang out. Taguig City is a great place because most areas are clean and well-maintained. Just be cautious if you choose to visit Upper Bicutan.

Beverly, says: 2020

moving here would be an amazing experience because people will enjoy staying in Taguig city due to the lots of places to enjoy with their family and relatives it has parks, mall, and best restaurants in the city and most importantly it’s affordable to everyone. And your are secured here because of the many police patrolling.

This city gives a lot of opportunities to young people looking for jobs since Taguig City has a lot of malls which offers a variety of jobs. There are also some company based call center agencies present to individuals who wants to become a call center agent.

Philip, says: 2020

Taguig City is known for its remarkable place which is the BGC (Bonifacio Global City). It is a commercial area where shopping malls are present. They also have residential areas which is a condominium type of building. Museum is also present but not a main focus. They have recreational parks where you can rest and talk there.

Manila was the capital of the Philippines. It represents the Philippines for having a globalize way of living along with a lot of Job opportunities that are enhance your skills and knowledge about your field. The transportation might be hard because of the congested traffic that is always the problem of the city but living in Manila is one adventurous ride that will leave you with a lot of memories and unexpected experience.

Joanne, says: 2020

Taguig City is best known to be one the most developed cities in the Philippines. There are a lot of International Businesses set up careers opportunities for Filipino workers in this city. Most of the jobs offers are call centers and other off shores tasks from different countries around the world.

In Taguig City, we have Bonifacio Global City, and we like to call it “BGC”– for short. BGC is famous for its elegant views. They have a lot of beautiful condominiums and apartment there. BGC has three malls, Market Market!, SM Aura, and the Venice Grand Canal Mall. BGC is fun, and it’s very close to other cities as well.

Taguig City includes BGC known as Bonifacio Global City, the second most important business district of Metro Manila, and a major destination for shopping, tourism, entertainment and dining. The Manila American Cemetery and the wealthy McKinley Hill neighborhood are other attractions. This is a planned community that was built on a portion of an old military base. It was founded on modern principles of urbanism, including pedestrian-friendliness and mixed-use buildings that together with the cleanliness, safety and exceptionally strict regulation of traffic, render it like “Singapore City” within Manila.

Chenita, says: 2020

For anyone moving to our city, he should know our city offers the best educational benefits in the country. Also, this city has the best neighborhood ever. The people are really kind and helpful. Also, it has some of the best go-to places in the country – the Bonifacio Global City.

Christia, says: 2020

The good side of living here though is everything you need is just within reach. Restaurants are a few minutes walking distance. What I like most about the area is that I can take a walk or jog every morning. Air is also fresh since there are trees especially if you go to the parks. The downside of it is the cost of living. Prices of grocery items tend to be higher than grocery items in other cities.

Taguig is one of the biggest and booming city center in the Philippines where Bonifacio Global City is located. It is where most of the international and prestigious companies are now located. It is a well mixed estate development where 50% of its development is allotted for open spaces and parks, it also has its’ state of the art hospital, international schools (such as British International School, Korean School etc), high-end malls and towering condominiums where residents can walk through pedestrian-friendly walkways. It is a progressive Commercial Business District CBD) next to the well-known Makati Business District.

Danielle, says: 2020

The downside of moving to Taguig City is the heavy traffic you might encounter throughout the day. However, the good news is that the people here are extremely friendly and helpful with directions so getting around without speaking the native language wouldn’t be a problem. We have grocery stores in every corner, and transportation is very easy to find.

Pamela, says: 2020

Taguig city is, for me, a very big city and known for still having plant life integrated heavily in it. However, I’d also say that Taguig holds probably one of the most important business in Metro Manila as it contains the Bonifacio Global City (or BGC for short). It’s probably the most tourist heavy place in Taguig.

Jannavi, says: 2020

Our city is known for its attractions such as shopping malls, dining restaurants, and even our very own BGC place is known. Other than that, you should also known that Taguig has well-known public and private schools perfect for families with children. worry less for our city was one of the first to implement a bicycle lane perfect for bikers who’d like to bike around the area. In case you’d like to move in, it’s a perfect city on different life factors.

Taguig City is one of the municipalities in Metro Manila, the capital of the Philippines. The city is known for its mini Venice, which is in Bonifacio Global City. Just by staying in Taguig, you’ll experience Venice- you’ll see the famous river and very European-inspired architectures. I can also assure you that you will enjoy the delicacies that the city is very proud of.

Our city is known for one of the most important business district which is the Bonifacio Global City and a major shopping center because of having the premium mall which is the SM AURA premier. The Bonifacio Global City also known for its leading financial and lifestyle district of the country.

Experience will vary wildly depending where you choose to settle. Within the BGC area, the experience is close to living in first world cities. Outside of BGC, condos and large private subdivisions exist, which have tightly controlled entrances and meticulously groomed public spaces. There are also plenty of entertainment options in Taguig, with four large shopping malls in a 5km radius within the BGC area. Overall one of the best cities to live in Metro Manila.

Taguig is the global city of the Philippines. It consists of barangays where people dwell. This beautiful city has land and water formations as well. Taguig prides itself of its state-of-the-art and cunning technology where scientists and craftsmen work together to provide a wonderful city for its people.

Eurice, says: 2020

Someone who is to move into my city should learn to be street smart and good with directions. There are varying people and places in this area that to be knowledgeable of it is of high importance. Another reason, is that the streets in my city could be confusing if you easily get lost. There are plenty of shortcuts and ways to get to your destination.

Due to the heavy traffic, navigating the streets will be tough for someone new. Taguig City, in particular the Bicutan area, is notorious for its multiple traffic jams during rush hours. Mapping apps and a stable internet connection will suffice, but I suggest learning basic Tagalog phrases so you can directly ask locals about directions.

Alexis, says: 2020

You could say that Taguig is a very urbanized, high-class city in Metro Manila in the Philippines. One of the popular areas is Bonifacio Global City – an arts and technology-centered hub, bringing together glitzy nightclubs, hip cafes, and large, colorful street murals. While it’s a bit on the more expensive side, this is quite the “it” place to be.

Jerrika, says: 2020

To observed it’s cleanliness and be an example and cooperate. As it is becoming more obvious, Taguig is proven to be one of the finest place to live around Metro Manila, no doubt compared to any other cities, It’s fast growing community can prove how this city has been a success.

Kirsty, says: 2020

Taguig City is a hub for emerging businesses in Metro Manila. There are many opportunities to be had in this city only if one actively searches for it. Aside from the infrastructure and public services, Taguig also boasts a diverse scene when it comes to professional and personal life choices. There is a balance of the hectic city living downtown while a more subtle almost suburban feel can be experienced in the neighboring areas.

Patricia, says: 2020

People moving to our city should know about the traffic in certain areas. For example, BGC and Mckinley are commercialized areas with a lot of job opportunities. It is complete with schools, hospitals, supermarkets but this place has a lot of concentrated traffic areas and it’s difficult to get public transportation because of the huge crowds.

Michelle, says: 2020

Taguig is famous because of its towering buildings mainly located in BGC and McKinley. However, at the other side of those towering buildings, lies the true face of Taguig. Informal settlers can also be found in this area plus it easily gets flooded when it rains heavily. Nevertheless, since it’s located at the heart of the Metro, it’s pretty accessible to all.

Jeramie, says: 2020

Taguig is a very promising city. It was known as a small fishing community before. Now, it houses, world-renowned schools, hotels, high-rise housing units, buildings for local and internationally known companies. With this, both residents and non-residents of Taguig will benefit from thousands of job opportunities for them. This means more business, more jobs for everyone.

Krizia, says: 2020

Taguig is a good place to build a family since the programs of the local government is one of the best in the country. They offer school uniforms, bags, and other school materials to students and even provide scholarships to many students who do not have the financial capabilities to go to college.

Beanie, says: 2020

My city is relatively new and modern. It has a population of 800,000. It has a sprawling shopping district, which has plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars. It is one of the popular places in the city. Families and friends love to hang out here during weekends. People in the city are warm and friendly, which is what I love most about it. I feel very safe and happy living here.

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