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If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Tagaytay City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 11 people living in Tagaytay City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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Our city is known for having a cold weather and for the view of Taal Volcano. The hospitality of the people in Tagaytay is well acknowledged by tourists. You can literally spot fruit and “pasalubong” vendors at the parks. If you plan on moving here, you would immediately feel welcomed.

For someone moving here should consider the cool breeze, because Tagaytay City is known for having a cool and windy breeze. But it shouldn’t be considered a bad thing, the wind here would make you want to cuddle with your loved ones and enjoy being here.

Christine, says: 2020

Tagaytay is a peaceful community, overlooking the beautiful Taal lake. It. Ight sound dangerous to those who have heard of the recent Taal volcano eruption, but the majestic view of the lake from Tagaytay will surely set your heart at peace. Our city has a beautiful history. It is also known for its agricultural produce such as pineapple, coffee and dragon fruits.

Tagaytay City is the second summer capital in Philippines. The climate here is mostly cold especially when it is Christmas and New Year, the reason is because the location the place is higher than the residing cities. Pineapple is the popular fruit in here. There are many tourist who come here yearly.

Tagaytay is a territory situated down south, which implies life here is progressively laid-back and less upsetting contrasted with the bustling lanes of Manila. Then again, Tagaytay is additionally not exceptionally a long way from the metro, so you can in any case experience city living now and again. Beside that, Tagaytay is presently a creating town.

Tagaytay City is best known for its tourist attractions, and cold weather that is why it is also called Philippine’s Little Baguio. It is a famous holiday town that sits on a ridge just above the Taal Volcano at Talisay Batangas. During summer, the weather here remains the same unlike the unbearably hot temperature at Metro Manila.

Yusrie, says: 2020

Tagaytay City is famous for its beautiful scenery. From here you can have a look to taal volcano. We also have may tourist spot like Sky ranch, Picnic grove, People’s Park and more. Tagaytay is also famous for its bulalo because the whether here is also cold like in Baguio.

If there is anyone moving to Tagaytay, he/she must be aware about its cold weather even during summers. the city has a number of tourist attractions, ranging from parks with overlooking views and restaurants which serve a variety of foods. However, it tends to get super traffic in the city especially during weekends and the holidays.

Tagaytay City is a place in Cavite, Philippines known for it’s good weather, amazing scenery and food as well. Necessities are accessible all over the city. Grocery stores, markets, churches, hospitals, etc. to name a few. The people who reside in the city are very hospitable, kind, thoughtful, caring and loving.

Emeterio, says: 2020

Consider the climate. There were days that it’s extremely cold. Second, traffic or the busy roads especially during holidays. Third, the different tourist attractions where you can relax during your leisure time. Fourth, the all time favorite bulalo that perfectly suits the cold weather in our city.

Jessilyn, says: 2020

Someone considering moving to our city should know that the weather here is erratic. On some days it is cold and you need to wear thick clothes. On other days, the weather is hot and humid. It is safe to say that the residents in our city has a wide variety of clothes.

Kristian, says: 2020

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