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Living in Tacloban City, Philippines:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

26 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Tacloban City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 26 people living in Tacloban City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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26 comments on “Tacloban City”

First, if you’re moving to my city you need to know that Tacloban is known as the place of hope. Second, the delicacies such as “Moron” is a well known food that is eaten by everyone during afternoon snack and is a food that tourists buys as a “pasalubong.” Lastly, this city is bright during its festival since we celebrate the Parade of Lights and Pintados.

Gwyneth, says: 2023

Tacloban City, Leyte, is one of Philippines beautiful tourist destinations. The people her are very welcoming to tourist visiting Tacloban for the first time, upon coming here in Tacloban you get to experience the beauty of the scenery here and the custom of the people in the city and also the delicious delicacy that often found only here in Tacloban .

Tacloban City is one of the historical places in Eastern Visayas. It is also a progressive city. The people speak Waray-Waray as their native tongue. People who want to relocate to the city should know that accommodation here is more expensive compare to other provinces or areas such as Ormoc.

Tacloban city is a beautiful city to visit. We also have some beaches that are really clean to swim at an then our local tourists spot that are worth visiting. We have our own delicacies that are very delicious to eat that you will never forget its taste. I recommend you visit our city.

Randolf, says: 2020

Tacloban City is the home of the happiest people in the world. It is a 1st highly urbanized city in Eastern Visayas. It is peaceful and has a good government. If you are considering moving here, choose the downtown area because it is convenient and it doesn’t take much time to commute. Tacloban City also has a lot of delicious delicacies that you must try.

Margie, says: 2020

Our city is a highly urbanized city with a combination of our culture and the innovation of the modern times that the world has to offer. People in Tacloban are very courteous and polite and anyone who comes here will be very much accommodated with our friendly smiles. We also have a lot of beaches that tourists can enjoy going to.

Our city is a city where everyone loves to smile. Our city is a city where full of people who will encourage you to be the person you want to be. Our city is has it’s on beautiful places and tourist spot. Our city is full of talented person and a loving one.

Eilene, says: 2020

Tacloban City lies in the heart of Eastern Visayas, Philippines. It is the economic capital and gateway to other neighboring towns and municipalities in the region. As it faces the pacific ocean, the city is neighborhood to some popular summer destinations such as the alluring white sandbar of Kalanggaman Island, the serene view of Cuatro Islas in Inopacan, Leyte and the trailblazing Sambawan Island in Biliran. Tacloban City is also the home of the world’s famous San Juanico Bridge. Further, there is also a quick access to malls since Tacloban City is the most urbanized city in the entire region.

Tacloban City is just a small municipality. However, small as it may be, you will not regret moving in to this city because the people of Tacloban are friendly and hospitable. You will probably not have a hard time adjusting to your new home, because your neighbors will most likely welcome you warmly. Additionally, Tacloban is a peaceful city with a low crime rate. These are some of the good things about this city that will probably encourage you to decide to start a new life here.

Raquel, says: 2020

There is a lot that a person who wants to move to my city should know. our city is small and is surrounded by water. It is also a Highly-Urbanized City (HUC) but it is still a work in progress. There aren’t many large malls but there are plenty of restaurants and cafes that residents really enjoy.

Tourist is one of those moving to the city I know. Because tourist was the one visiting the beauty of nature. Leaving their places at rest and peace of mind. Hangouts to other people, make friends, or partners in crime in their life. And seeing a beautiful nature keeps your heart calm.

Genesis, says: 2020

Tacloban is a highly urbanized city in Eastern Visayas. Locals are very welcoming and friendly. You will see strangers smiling at you on the streets. Most people, if not all, speak English fluently so you will not have any trouble understanding them. Aside from the people, you will also love the food here. Delicious is an understatement for the delicacies offered by this place.

Carmae, says: 2020

The city itself is in a very beautiful geographic setting, which means anyone could travel through air, land, and sea. The people in the city are so resilient, they have managed to overcome the devastating calamities but they always make sure that in there darkest hours they always have hope.

Mabelle, says: 2020

Tacloban City is considered the biggest city in Eastern Visayas Philippines. People in this place would never get boring as it has been known for its colorful festivity, the Pintados Festival. The city also has so much to offer when it comes to delicacies and native foods. You may also have a business of your own as this city is not yet exploited yet by most international companies. Most establishments are owned by local businessmen thereby getting a much bigger part of the total market share in the city.

Tacloban City has the best smiles and all-around great hospitality! From great ocean views, to historical places filled with amazing history. Local food is also something to watch out for, everything is handmade with various spices and flavors! The local entertainment and the locals themselves sure are ready to make you enjoy and be comfortable.

Rhonora, says: 2020

Tacloban City is considered the capital of the Province of Leyte. This city faces the pacific which makes it affected by even small storms. Thus, this city was in fully wrecked and in havoc when the typhoon Haiyan hit the region. Thousands of lives were taken. It was one of the destructive phenomena that happened in the entire history of Tacloban. In spite of the dilemma that happened, the Warays are still positive to rebuild and reconstruct their lives.

Wyville, says: 2020

Tacloban is a small city in the Eastern Visayas where famous landmarks are found like the San Juanico bridge and the famous MacArthur Park. If you ant to move to our city be ready for different kinds of weather for we are near the sea and may always rain. In 2013, Tacloban had the biggest news heard worldwide because of the Typhoon Haiyan where 100s of people died because of the lack of knowledge what “storm surge” was. Moving here is a really rural like but be ready for the weather.

Tacloban City is a very small town located very near the San Juanico Bridge which is considered the longest bridge built in the Philippines. The main language used in town is called Waray-waray but fear not, people can understand any language, even in English. It is not hard to navigate the area. Jeepneys are the mode of transportation. Wherever you go, you will find a jeepney that would lead you to the downtown where you can find malls and restaurant adjacent to the public market. Everything is accessible in the city.

Our city has some advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages of our city has a good medical facilities and there is no pollution. It will be easy for you to adjust and adapt the culture and the style of living in our city because the people in our city are very accommodating and friendly. But, one of the disadvantage of our city has a very strict rules and policies just like traffic rules. You just need to follow these rules.

Roxanne, says: 2020

Tacloban City is the capital of Leyte, which means it is a good choice to move in, and there’s a lot of opportunities to choose from. It’s also known for having the happiest and optimistic people in town, for surviving the Super Typhoon Yolanda. and people for being friendly and respectful, that made people moving in the city happy and contented.

Tacloban is a highly urbanized city known as the heart of Eastern Visayas. Despite experiencing one of the strongest tropical cyclones in the world, Typhoon Haiyan, still, Taclobanons are labeled as the happiest people in the world. Various cultural heritages can be seen while you ride along the place, and you’re lucky if you get to see the Pintados Festival! As you visit the city, never forget to drop by a Pasalubong Center to buy some native treats as vendors treat you with a smile.

Being in our City would make someone feel at home. Our City is a place where people are so hospitable and thoughtful. We have also lots of beautiful spots where you could wander whenever you have free time. You will also meet people who will make you feel loved like a native Filipino.

Laurie, says: 2020

Someone moving to my city must know that it would be a happy place and there is a lot of spots where you could leave a good memory. The people in the city are so hospitable. What I am telling is they must not worry about anything when they move in my this place.

Tacloban City, in the Eastern Visayas region of the Philippines, is such a beautiful and a comfortable place. The people here are hospitable in such a way that they welcome the visitors in a kind way by offering a good food to taste and an a good ambiance to stay with. There are also many beautiful scenery and spots that could be visit in this place such as the long bridge of San Juanico that connects the two islands, the Samar and Leyte, the MacArthur Park which is a good place to have a good relaxation with family, and more.

Ymlane, says: 2020

It will be easy to get around the city since it is quite small. Almost all people know each other may it be only their faces. There is a subdivision that is considered the oldest and the largest known in the city. The safety and security of the city is okay.

Alyanna, says: 2020

It will be easy to know all the places around the city since it is only a small one. There is also this one subdivision in the city known as the oldest and the largest. The safety is okay but still be careful especially when you’re going late at night.

Patrice, says: 2020

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