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Living in Sialkot, Pakistan:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

11 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Sialkot, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 11 people living in Sialkot what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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11 comments on “Sialkot”

Sialkot is famous for manufacturing and exporting goods like sports goods musical instruments and many other. It is named as Iqbal city. It’s a small town with peaceful environment. It is the second largest foreign earing city of Pakistan becz of its huge export. It is an industrial coy and developed city now with many resources.

Mahnoor, says: 2020

Sialkot is a small city of Punjab. It is a historical city with lots of places to visit like temples, old houses belonging to Sikhs and Hindus. Cantt is beautiful as it has different restaurants to dine and parks. It has recently developed a lot. People who move here shall know that Sialkot being a small city can provide you different work opportunities e.g., in banks, schools, colleges and universities. you can find best street food in this city.

It’s known as a city of sports and it is also be called The City of Eagles. Residents of this city used to work as an entrepreneur rather than get hired as an employee. It’s a Financial and Sports hub of Pakistan. People used to Speak Urdu and Punjabi language.

Sialkot is the second largest foreign exchange earner for Pakistan because of its exports. You can find sports goods, leather products and surgical instruments of remarkable quality here. The people of Sialkot have great hospitality. There are a lot of tourism sites. You should visit it once before dying.

A person who wants to consider moving should keep in mind that the roads are in a very bad condition. And for the record, people are more than welcoming to everyone. Another great thing in my city is that it has developed over the past few years. don’t even think that it’s a primitive city.

Muhammad, says: 2020

Sialkot is the heart of Punjab. It is a diverse city and people of almost every religion, culture, tradition and religion live here. My city also contains many historical places which are worth visiting. In my city you can see lush green gardens, paved roads. In a nutshell my city is a land where you experience the boundless bounties of God.

Sialkot is the city of our national poet Allama Iqbal. This city is called the city of sporting goods.

Mariyam, says: 2020

Sialkot is famous for its sport goods. It’s famous for people (e. g Allama Iqbal, Faiz Ahmed Faiz etc) who worked deliberately for the sake of patriotism. Sialkot is industrial area. Sialkot owns its private airport. Sialkot is famous for providing football today whole world. Even international players of FIFA World Cup played by those footballs. Sialkot has strong and compassionate people.

Above all, the roadmap. Sialkot is no less than a maze. If you don’t have a guide or a map it will be no fun that you get lost. The city roads are a blend of ancient and modern architecture. You can never get past these if the instruction is not followed.

Junaid, says: 2020

best sports thing manufactured in may city. Sialkot is Pakistan’s 13th largest city and is in north-east Punjab. It is important industrial city of Pakistan. It has very ancient history it was invented by Raja Sul And Later it was constructed bY Raja Shalivahan. Different Punjabi dishes are famous in Sialkot.

They must consider the cost of living in my city. After that, they must be known to the basic regulations of the city. And more specifically if they get to know the local language a bit would be appreciated. They would have known to some affordable and secure places to stay.

Haseeb, says: 2020

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